Sets the advanced parameter settings.
* When the values are changed, there is a possibility that a device cannot play it, or the time required for encoding increases.
* For the settings of the x264 encoder, please refer to this page.

- Color Profile
Allows you to set all of the color profile settings (color space, etc.) at once from templates prepared beforehand. [BT.709], [BT.2020], [HDR (BT.2100 PQ)] and [HDR (BT.2100 HLG)] are available.

YUV Format
Sets the YUV color format for the output data. Uses only 4:2:0.

Color Range
Sets the YUV color space gradation range for the output data. Normally Compressed (16-235) is set.
When the full range mode is used for a source video which was not created in a full range mode such as RGB, color unevenness may appear in the outputted pictures.

Color Bit Depth/ch
Sets the number of quantizing bits per pixel (resolution of data) for using the YUV color space of the output data. Normally 8 bit is set.
The higher the value (which increases the sample data in a pixel), the better the image quality becomes, but it also may increase the output data quantity.
Changing the value is available only when the x264 encoder is set as the [Video Encoder:], and the High 4:2:2 or a higher profile is set.

Color Space (Primaries/ Transfer Characteristics/ Matrix Coefficient)
Sets the color space for the output data.
General MPEG data from DVD-Video or Computer video recordings are set to [SMPTE170 M]. Digital television content is [ITU-R BT.709]. Normally, [ITU-R BT.2020/ITU-R BT.2100 PQ or HLG/ITU-R BT.2020 Non-Constant] are used for an HDR content. When Automatic is set, sets the values automatically based on the input and output video formats (Up to BT.709 range).

HDR Metadata
Sets the color metadata into the output file which is possibly required to detect as an HDR movie as you upload to YouTube, etc. It is possible to output the information for the chromaticity coordinate or the max/min luminance of a mastering display.

About the x264 Parameters

The following represents the setting parameters used in TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro compared with that of the original x264. Some parameter's limitations and functions of the x264 encoder implementation are different from the original x264.

  • Aspect Ratio [--sar]
    (* When the display aspect ratio, set the appropriate value of the size resolution to [--sar].)
  • VBR(Constant quality)[--crf]
    (* In this application, remapped 0 to 100. High values means high quality)
  • Maximum Bitrate [--vbv-maxrate]
  • Color Range [--range]
  • Color Bit Depth/ch[--input-depth]]
  • Color Space (Primaries)[--colorprim]
  • Color Space (Transfer Characteristics)[--transfer]
  • Color Space (Matrix Coefficients)[--colormatrix]