Allows changing the multiplexer settings from that of the AVCHD preset if necessary.


- Output Format
The default setting, [AVCHD (NTSC/PAL)] is selected.
Exports a MPEG file following the requirements of the AVCHD standard. Use this format to prepare materials for AVCHD authoring. NTSC (North America, Japan, etc.) and PAL (Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, etc.) formats are available.
* When selecting another format other than the [AVCHD (NTSC/PAL)], you can customize the settings which are retrieved from the previous [AVCHD] preset settings within the range of the selected format standard.

- Stream Format
Selects the video and audio stream's multiplexing characteristics.
The default setting, [MPEG-2 Transport (AVCHD)], is selected.
None An elementary stream containing only the video, or only the audio.
Outputs the video and audio as two separate files.
MPEG-2 Transport
Outputs an MPEG-2 Transport stream where the characteristics are in compliance with the Blu-ray requirements. AVCHD mode is mainly used by the AVCHD standard.
* When selecting another format other than [AVCHD (NTSC/PAL)], the available stream formats (target devices) are changed depending on the selected output format.