Allows changing the audio settings from that of the AVCHD preset if necessary.

Base Audio Settings

- Stream Format
Specifies the audio stream compression format.
Dolby Digital A high-quality audio format used in DVD-Video or Blu-ray and developed by Dolby Laboratories. This options allows up to a 5.1 channel mode.
Linear PCM An uncompressed audio format. This format is mostly used for keeping the original quality of DVD-Video or Blu-ray, etc. It provides audio quality higher than an Audio CD but generates huge files compared to other formats.

- Sampling Rate
Specifies the number of audio samples evaluated per second, which allows values between [48KHz] and [192KHz]. Regarding the bandwidth range of each format, please refer to the table of the Channel Mode settings.
* For Dolby audio, fixed at 48kHz.
* Usable values for playback depend on the player device.

- Channel Mode
Specifies the number of channels for the compressed audio. Depending on the Stream format option, you can have up to 6 channels.
*Available settings are different depending on the [Stream Format] and [Sampling Rate].
Sampling Rate Channel Mode
Dolby Digital 48000 Hz (fixed) Monaural, Stereo, 5ch Surround, 5.1ch Surround
Linear PCM * 48000, 96000, 192000Hz Monaural, Stereo, 3ch Surround (3/0), 3ch Surround (2/1), 4ch Surround (2/2), 4ch Surround (3/1), 5ch Surround, 5.1ch Surround, 7ch Surround (3/2/2), 7.1ch Surround (3/2/2)
* When the Linear PCM 192KHz is set, the maximum number of channels is up to 4 (3/1) channels.

- Quantization
Specifies the number of bits used to encode the audio range. The higher the value, the better the audio rendering. In the Linear PCM stream format, you can choose between 16, 20, or 24 bits. Also, the higher the bit count, the higher the bitrate.
* Usable value is only 16 bit when Linear PCM 192KHz 3ch or 4ch Surround, or 96KHz 7 ch Surrond or 7.1 ch Surround is set.
* Usable values for playback depend on the player device.

- Bitrate
Specifies the quantity of audio data per second. The outputted file size increases with the bitrate.
* Available settings are different depending on the [Stream Format], [Sampling Rate],[Channel Mode] and [Quantization].
* Linear PCM cannot be set manually.