Blu-ray (BDMV, NTSC/PAL)

Preset parameters for a MPEG (H.264/AVC) file following the requirements of the Blu-ray BDMV standard. The BDMV format is the equivalent of the DVD-Video format, providing a framework to record content with a menu system; the selectable framerates are greater than BDAV. NTSC (North America, Japan, etc.) and PAL (Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, etc.) formats are available.

Compared to [Blu-ray (BDAV)], [Blu-ray (BDMV)] offers more high-definition related picture size and framerate options, and a higher maximum bitrate. However, the Blu-ray standard limits the admissible picture size (resolution), bitrate, aspect ratio, etc. For this reason, the available settings are fewer than what you can find in the [Standard] preset. If you want to create a non-standard Blu-ray file, use the [Standard (High / Medium-bitrate)] preset.