TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6

Revision History

Revision History

 Version - June 29, 2022

ImprovedImproved: Optimized the encoding performance on Intel Alder Lake CPU environments.
Improved: x265 encoder updated.
Corrections Fixed: Could not output a normal H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC source file to an MP4 container due to the misinterpretation that the Quantization Matrix did not match.
Fixed: The operation speed of opening the clip-editing window was slightly slow after Version
Fixed: The current position of the high-speed thumbnails caused misalignment when editing an H.265/HEVC clip with the NVDEC decoder.
Other corrections.

 Version - December 12, 2021

Corrections Fixed: The Intel Media SDK Hardware decoder for H/265/HEVC was not available in Intel UHD Graphics 770 environments.
Fixed: Occasionally noise occurred in the output audio when applying the Volume Uniformization with the Loudness in the Volume Adjustment filter.
Other corrections.

 Version - November 21, 2021

Corrections Fixed: The VBS (Core Isolation) function could not be enabled after installing this application.
Fixed: Entered strings were not cleared even if clicking the clear [x] button in the search field of Production Tool.
Fixed: Occasionally output video was not played properly when smart-rendering a VP9/webm file which was captured by PlayStation 5 recording function.
Fixed: Fixed: The invalid average video bitrate error occurred depending on the imported materials when connecting output a video file and an image file together.
Other corrections.
Other Supports IPv6 license activation.

 Version - February 17, 2021

Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the clip's right-click option, "Remove Transition", in the Source stage would not work correctly.
Fixed: An error occurred when opening the clip editing window after switching the "Enable hardware support for rendering" option in the Preview Render Settings of the Preferences.
Fixed: Occasionally an error occurred which the user could not continue editing when opening the clip editing window in certain PC environments.
Other corrections.

 Version - January 19, 2021

NewNow supports H.265/HEVC hardware decoding utilizing the AMD Media SDK.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally detected specific MPEG-1 Video files as Rescue even though those files conformed to the Smart Rendering specification.
Fixed: Occasionally the move to the previous/next I frame button in the Cut-Edit window didn't work correctly.
Other corrections.

 Version - November 4, 2020

Trial Preview version released.