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User Support Service

The User Support Service only takes place by means of electronic mail (e-mail). Please notice that our support office is in Tokyo. The support office is closed weekends and holidays according to the Japanese calendar.

Technical Support

If you are having an issue with your product, please submit your requests through the Technical Support form below.

Pre-Sales Inquiries

For questions related to general product information (main features, release date, price, etc.). Please do not use this for technical support.

Purchase Support

If you have problems or questions regarding your purchase at the TMPGEnc Online Shop, use this form.

Lost License Serial Number Support

If you've lost or forgotten your product's license serial number, use this form.

Business Inquiries

If you want to become a software distributor / OEM Partner, or for other Business Inquiries, use this form.

Public Relations Support

If you are a member of the press and would like to receive additional information regarding Pegasys and its brands, use this form.

General Inquiries

For questions or requests that do not fit any of the above options, please use this form.

Please Read:
When contacting the User Support Service for product use counseling or troubleshooting, please provide precise and as much information as possible. Requests may not be answered if the conditions regarding an issue (what is and how the issue occurs) are not understood by lack of relevant information.

Technical Support

Users who have registered their products can access email support by filling out a form. Our e-mail support team will work hard to reply via e-mail as soon as possible.

Please Read:
  • Your question may have an answer in our FAQ; please check our FAQs before submitting a technical support form.
  • It is the customer's own responsibility to acquire a computer setup which is suitable for receiving our support. This includes access to the Internet, an e-mail account, and software to send and receive e-mails.
  • Once you submit your support form, you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please submit the form again and make sure you input a valid email address.
  • You should receive an answer regarding your support form in 1 to 2 business days. If you have not received a reply after a long period of time, please check your spam filters and junk mailboxes.

Click on your product name in the list below to access the technical support form and submit an inquiry:

 Video Management

 Slideshow Creation

 DVD/Blu-ray/AVCHD/PGMX Creation

 Convert Video

 MPEG Smart Rendering

 Software Plug-ins

 Discontinued Products

  Support & Maintenance Term has expired.
  • TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6
  • TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5
  • TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4
  • TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring
  • TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0
  • TMPGEnc DVD Author
  • DVD-Lab

  • TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6
  • TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5
  • TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress
  • TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress
  • TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
  • TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator 4
  • TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator 2.0

  • TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 4
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 PREMIUM
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor

  • TMPGEnc KARMA.. Plus

  • VideoSync
  • Movie to Portable

  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for EDIUS Pro 8
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 8
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for EDIUS Pro 7
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 7
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS 6
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 5
  • TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in SpursEngine

  • TSUNAMI MPEG Video Encoder XPress
  • TSUNAMI MPEG Media Editor
  • TSUNAMI MPEG DVD EasyPack Suite

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Please check the FAQ below before contacting the User Support Service.

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TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 7
TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 7
TMPGEnc KARMA.. Plus 2
TMPGEnc KARMA.. Plus 2
TMPGEnc Authoring Works 7
TMPGEnc Authoring Works 7
TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6
TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6
TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter
TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter
General Questions and All Products
General Questions and All Products

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