TMPGEnc Sound Plug-in AC-3


Price: $29.00

TMPGEnc Sound Plug-in AC-3 is an extension plug-in that adds decoding and encoding functions of Dolby Digital AC-3 audio (2 ch) to our compatible software. Dolby Digital audio is an internationally famous audio format used in the DVD-Video standard, and it combines high sound quality and an excellent compression ratio.

With this plug-in, you can create DVD-Video and MPEG-1/2 format files using Dolby Digital audio which is the standard audio format for DVD-Video for most of the world. You can also play (decode) Dolby Digital audio while editing and convert it to other audio formats.

For use with the following software, you can edit DVD discs with Dolby Digital audio created with a DVD recorder, HDD recorder, and more.

  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor
  • TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6
  • MPGEnc DVD Author 1.5
  • TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress

In the audio setting, the choice "Dolby Digital (AC-3)" appears, and you can then choose Dolby Digital for output.

For instance, when you are using source files with Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio, files made from a DVD-recorder, or MPEG files, you can re-encode the Dolby Digital audio and choose the track setting: mono, stereo, or dual channel (for bilingual broadcasting / used in some coutries).
*Dolby Digital (AC-3) with 5.1 channels or other multi-channel sources will be re-encoded into 2 channels.

You can hear the Dolby Digital audio while cut editing, so it will be easier to edit.

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