TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5

Revision History

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Revision History

 Version - August 24, 2023

Corrections Fixed: The application did not start correctly with "The executable file is different from the original" error.
 Version - October 8, 2020

ImprovedImproved: Could not correctly import an audio stream where the size of DecoderConfigDescriptor stored in the MP4 audio track is incorrect via the MPEG Reader.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally could not decode video correctly via the NVDEC Decoder in an NVIDIA GeForce driver ver.456.38 or newer installed environment.
Other corrections.

 Version - August 24, 2020

Corrections Fixed: The Intel Media SDK Hardware for MPEG-2 Decoder did not work correctly in a Skylake or later Intel CPU environment with a certain driver version.
Fixed: The thumbnails of the Fast Thumbnail Preview did not work correctly when seeking on certain H.264/AVC streams in the Clip Edit window.
Other corrections.

 Version - May 24, 2020

Improved Improved: Occasionally some decoded video frames were duplicated when importing certain invalid H.264/AVC video streams recorded on Insta360 EVO.
Corrections Fixed: The application did not launch correctly in certain Windows 10 Secure Boot environments.
Other corrections.

 Version - July 18, 2019

Corrections Fixed: The chapters of a file which was outputted with the [Output Keyframes as Chapters] option did not work correctly on certain players.
Fixed: Occasionally the application did not launch correctly in specific Intel CPU environments.
Other corrections.

 Version - March 31, 2019

Improved Improved: Optimized the Cut editing and overall window display speed.
Corrections Fixed: A disc tray opened even if the [Eject Disc after Burning] option was disabled when outputting a BDAV authoring project.
Fixed: Some parts in the Audio Filters window did not display correctly in an environment in which the DPI size setting was 225%.
Fixed: Occasionally the application would hang when seeking the video of an H.264/AVC file which was recorded on certain devices.
Other corrections.

 Version - December 20, 2018

Improved Improved: Occasionally some video frames immediately after the re-encoded range were corrupted when outputting (with smart rendering) certain invalid HEVC video streams recorded on iOS.

 Version - December 14, 2018

Improved Improved: Improved to play AAC audio as normally as possible even if it has an invalid channel or frame size information.
Corrections Fixed: Intel Media SDK functions did not work correctly in some environments where Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 ver. was installed.
Fixed: Could not import a FLV container which had a TypeFlagsVideo flag.
Other corrections.

 Version - July 24, 2018

Improved Improved to render video as normally as possible even in an environment where the graphic driver is not installed properly.
Corrections Fixed: The [Eject Disc after Burning] option returned to an enabled state once moving to the [Format] stage, even if the option was disabled.

 Version - July 9, 2018

Corrections Fixed: When outputting a BDAV authoring project and the [Append to Disc Recorded in BDAV format] option was enabled after a certain procedure, the parent folder of the output folder was occasionally removed.

 Version - June 17, 2018
Corrections Fixed: The output speed with smart-rendering became gradually slower when outputting an HEVC with no VBV buffer and an audio stream as an MP4 file.
Other corrections.

 Version - June 8, 2018
Corrections Fixed: An error occurred at the start of writing when a BDAV authoring project contained a color matte clip and was output with the [Burn to Blu-ray Disc] option.
Other corrections.

 Version - May 31, 2018
Improved Improved: Improved to smart-render the range other than the Closed GOP Sequence as much as possible when importing an MP4 (HEVC) file which has a Closed GOP Sequence at the top range.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally full re-encoding occurred in an actual output when importing an SR detected MPEG-4 AVC stream which had one reference frames with B frames.
Fixed: Occasionally the application would shut down when importing a clip in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803) with an Optimus implemented environment.
Fixed: The output file size became larger drastically than what was estimated when outputting with smart rendering an HEVC stream with CBR rate control mode.
Other corrections.

 Version - November 19, 2017
Corrections Fixed: The memorized last path in [Save Project As..] option was cleared when starting output once.
Other corrections.

 Version - October 31, 2017
Corrections Fixed: An error occurred at output when importing a H.265/HEVC file which has a sub-layer information such as recorded files on iOS 11 and later.
Fixed: Occasionally a sound gap occurred when outputting files with transitions to be a connected file.
Fixed: An error occurred when a drive does not exist specified as a temporary folder and importing a file.
Fixed: An error occurred at output when the output settings have specific settings for the aspect ratio and the rotation.
Fixed: Could not recognize the audio data correctly when importing a TS file which contains a data_alignment_indicator that is zero.
Fixed: The browse button which is in the Preferences > User Output Settings File for Auto Form Output did not work correctly.
Fixed: Occasionally the short-cut functions in the Output stage did not perform correctly.
Fixed: The application was not displayed in the list when using the application switcher short-cut function (Alt+Tab).
Other corrections.

 Version - March 8, 2017
Improved Improved: "Reference B frame" improved to be distinguishable in the Current Frame Information in the Clip Edit window. (Displayed as "Br")
Improved: Improved to smart-render specific invalid MP4 files which have no ctts box.
Corrections Fixed: The selected range shifted occasionally when opening the Clip Edit window from the Audio Filter window or the Title window.
Fixed: Could not recognize the file size correctly when importing a RIFF format WAV file where the size exceeds 4GB.
Other corrections.

 Version - February 6, 2017
Improved Improved: Allows the "Pre-commercial Candidates Detection" function for the other selected clips when selected clips contain waiting, analyzing and analyzed clips.
Corrections Fixed: Depending on the framerate of a source file, the selected range's end position shifted occasionally when opening the Clip Edit window.
Fixed: An error occurred when demultiplexing an MVK which contains MPEG-2 video and wav audio streams.
Other corrections.

 Version - January 30, 2017

Corrections Fixed: The application failed to launch with "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error.
Other corrections.

 Version - January 29, 2017
Improved Improved: Supports MP4 file smart-rendering for a MOV file which was recorded by an iOS 10.xx device.
Improved: Mitigates the interval of the timeout detection when adding to the Batch Tool.
Corrections Fixed: Could not recognize the framerate, profile, level and the like correctly when importing certain FLV container files.
Fixed: Detected some invalid H.264 streams which were encoded by an NVENC encoder other than that of Pegasys' product as rescue.
Fixed: The header frame was displayed continuously when importing a video file which contains cover art or an invalid time stamp packet in its header. *Cover art will not be imported.
Fixed: Re-encoding occurred periodically when exporting an MP4 (H.265) file which was recorded by a Samsung NX1 in smart-rendering.
Fixed: When importing a BDAV source which contains a playlist having the playlist number 0, the thumbnail of the number 0 playlist was not displayed in the Title Selection window.
Fixed: Occasionally the application froze when displaying the right-click menu or moving a clip location during the processing of the "Pre-commercial Candidates Detection" function.
Fixed: The encoding time became gradually slower when the output audio was set as Flac 24-bit 5.1 ch.
Fixed: The Clip Edit window and output preview window were displayed under the task bar when displayed in the full screen mode.
Other corrections.

 Version - July 21, 2016
Corrections Fixed: The keyframe importing function could not work when importing a BDAV clip via the DVD/Blu-ray/AVCHD title wizard.
Fixed: All frames of some H.264/AVC files were re-encoded even though the files were smart render-able.
Fixed: Occasionally failed to register a clip to the Batch Tool when the clip contained a large amount of clips.
Other corrections.

 Version - July 11, 2016

New Supports an auxiliary controller "TMPGEnc Smart Tap Controller ". This controller allows you to control the cut-editing operations of TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 from your iPhone or iPad.
Improved Improved: The smart-rendering engine has been improved to raise the corresponding smart-renderable range for H.264/AVC variable frame rate files.
Corrections Fixed: Misdetected as 16-bit FLAC audio when importing a 24-bit FLAC audio file.
Fixed: Could not memorize the window size when that of the Cut Edit window was maximized.
Other corrections.

 Version (Rev.2) - April 28, 2016

Corrections Fixed: The application failed to launch in an environment which the DPI size setting was other than 100%.

 Version - April 25, 2016

Trial Preview version released.