Revision History

Revision History
 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - July 29, 2015

Other Now officially supports Windows 10.
Other corrections.

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - November 4, 2013

Corrections Fixed the MPEG file reader as follows:
  • Occasionally Linear PCM audio length was shortened after importing from MPEG-2 PS/TS, MP4, MKV or other containers.
  • A part of the video in a MKV file which was created by specific applications became stop motion-like.
Could not startup in an environment where .NET Framework 3.0 was not installed even if .NET Framework 4 or a later version had been installed.
The high-performance-mode could not be used for playing in the Preview Window when using the Boost Up-mode in the Geforce GT200 series environment.
Other corrections.

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - September 16, 2013

Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the application crashed when importing a broken FLV container file.

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - March 18, 2013

New The "Standard Decoder (High-Speed)" is now available for MPEG-4/AVC stream decoding and can be set in the MPEG Decoder Settings in the preferences.
*This decoder may have benefits in terms of speed or other attributes. However, depending on the system environment or source files, cut-editing or encoding may become unstable.
If problems arise, return the setting to the Standard Decoder and verify if this corrects the issue.
Supports the "Intel Media SDK" Decoder for the hardware video decoding.
*Switches to software processing when the CPU does not support the Intel Media SDK. Not available under Windows XP.
Reflects the rotation flag of MP4/MOV container files when playing.
Supports playing MPEG-1/2 video streams even if the stream is multiplexed in a MP4 container.
Supports H.264 elementary stream loading.
Supports files with the FLAC audio format.
Improved Optimized the resize filter acceleration when CUDA is used.
Optimized the memory usage.
Updated the WebM Decoder with the latest bug fixed module.
Some specific codecs that cannot decode interlaced MotionJPEG in AVI containers will no longer be used. This revision reduces the cause of the display picture being black upon entering the Edit / Filter windows.
Changed Changed to play the lowest ID numbered stream when playing a multi audio stream file.
Fixed The single repeat option of the multi-player did not work.
Displayed the pictures as black or played only audio when playing a specific MP4/MOV/FLV(H.264) file.
Fixed the problem where the channel mixing did not work correctly when playing Dolby 4channel audio.
The channel mixer did not work correctly when playing Dolby 4channel audio.
Could not correctly read some parts of MPEG-2 PS/TS, WTV files. Also, it took time to read them occasionally.
When using the CUDA decoder, video flicker would occasionally occur.
In environments where there is an H67/Z68 chipset and dual monitors, the CUDA functions could not be used depending on the connection settings.
Other corrections.

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - June 28, 2011

Fixed Fixed a bug which occurred when validating the license through a proxy server. Therefore, the "copy Internet Explorer settings" function has been merged with the "Use Internet Explorer settings" button. (If you have set up access through the proxy server, please re-check this setting again.)

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - May 18, 2011

New WebM file playback support.
MKV (H.264) file importation support. *MKV file importation is limited to video/audio stream readable through the MPEG file reader.
In addition to FLV 1/4, supports FLV container multiplexed H.264 video.
Dolby Digital Plus audio stream decoding support. *Audio file only importation not supported.
Fixed Improved CUDA encoder settings for device-related outputs, affected devices are as below.
  • In the file out put setting, the iPod maximum is now limited to 2500 kb/s;
  • In the file out put setting, the PSP/iPod framerate cannot be set to 25 fps anymore.
During a CUDA encoding, noise would appear on the right border of the picture upon applying the deinterlace process when the picture width was not a multiple of 4.
An error would arise when cancelling the CUDA encode process just after starting it.
When using CUDA, an error could appear while moving the data to the main memory after the video memory would become insufficient.
When using CUDA, an error would arise during the deinterlace process.
An error could occur during the performance optimization process when a CUDA compatible card and an other maker's cards were present together.
It was possible CUDA could not be correctly usable when in an environement composed of a Sandy Bridge PC with internal GPU and NVIDIA Geforce combination.
Sometimes, clicking the video file name in the Quick Preview would not show the related file item in the library.
The aspect ratio and framerate would not be correctly retrieved from a WebM file having damaged data at the end.
Some MPEG-2 files would have their bitrate incorrectly determined to be 0 kb/s.
Some ACM CODECs causing a buffer overrun are no longer used in the AVI file reader.
Reduced the processing time when opening data with the second half containing a high quantity of invalid data.
An error would arise at launch for a peculiar CPU environment that cannot use SSE2.

 TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus Version - September 8, 2010

New WebM file playback support.
CUDA 3.1 support. (There is no functional difference in TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus when using CUDA 2.3 or 3.1). This addition corrects the impossibility to launch TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus when a NVIDIA® GeForce GTX400 series video card (with a Fermi architecture graphic chip) is present.
  • CUDA 3.1 support is available only for the GeForce GTX400 series video card.
  • Accessing the GeForce GTX400 series video card CUDA function requires the NVIDIA graphic driver ver. 258.96 or newer version.
Iconification into the System tray. When this option is enabled in the Preferences, clicking the "Close window" button does not close the application, but instead places it in the System tray so you can call it back at any time.
When using this function, you can exit the application by right-clicking on its icon in the System tray.
The playback resume function can now be enabled/disabled in the Preferences.
YUV12 format support in the DirectShow file reader.
BoostUp mode added in the Player window CUDA playback function. (Windows Vista/7 only)
Option added in the Preferences to enable or disable the video overlay display in the Player window. (Windows XP only)
Improved The "Library Settings" page of the Preferences is now titled "General Settings".
Fixed Some files' thumbnail or playback would turn completely black when read through CUDA.
Some video files would entirely freeze the application when an error occured during playback.
Frames would sometimes shift when reading a file through the AVCHD file reader.
Reading an MP4 file through the QuickTime file reader would sometimes raise a memory violation error.
Some frames would not be properly accessed when using the QuickTime file reader.
Some WTV files could not be imported.
Some MPEG-2 Video stream would be erroneously recognized as a MPEG-4 AVC format.
44100 Hz Dolby Digital streams would not be correctly decoded.
Some MPEG-4 files' thumbnail pictures would not appear upon registration.
Audio would not play for MOV files created by a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 because it was read by the MPEG file reader.
When starting the application, performing a copy-paste or a calculation intensive task with another application would under certain conditions slow down the other application.
Other minor fixes

 Version - November 9, 2009

Full Version released.