TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6

Revision History

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Revision History
 Version - October 14, 2022

Corrections Fixed: Failed to launch in Radeon graphics board environments without hardware encoder.
Other corrections.

 Version - November 24, 2021

Corrections Fixed: The Windows VBS (Core Isolation) function could not be enabled after installing this application.
Fixed: The track volume could not be changed in the Track BGM Editing window when importing a project other than that was TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6.
Fixed: Occasionally framerate analysis could not perform correctly for MP4 files generated by a specific device.
Fixed: The Chapter End Action:[Back to Menu] setting in the Track/Chapter Display settings of the Global DVD Menu Settings did not work correctly only for the last chapter.
Other corrections.

 Version - May 11, 2021

ImprovedImproved: Changed the maximum number of subtitles per stream from 9999 to 999999.
Corrections Fixed: The highlight type in the global menu settings did not apply to newly added track menus.
Fixed: Occasionally an MP4 file that had specific container settings would not play smoothly via the MPEG file reader.
Fixed: The "Clip Naming Convention" option was reset unintentionally when replacing an audio file via the TS analyzer from the Clip Properties.
Other corrections.
OtherSupports IPv6 license activation.

 Version - October 8, 2020

ImprovedImproved: Could not correctly import an audio stream where the size of DecoderConfigDescriptor stored in the MP4 audio track is incorrect via the MPEG Reader.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally could not decode video correctly via the NVDEC Decoder in an NVIDIA GeForce driver ver.456.38 or newer installed environment.
Other corrections.

 Version - August 10, 2020

ImprovedImproved: Newly added the keyboard shortcuts for chapter move in the track preview window.
CTRL+[Right] - Next chapter
CTRL+[Left] - Previous chapter
Corrections Fixed: The application would not start in a Radeon graphic board environment when installing the Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.7.2 or later driver.
Fixed: Occasionally “The specified path is too long” error occurred when overwriting and saving a project even if the length of the file name is allowed.
Fixed: The keyboard shortcut which moves to the previous chapter (CTRL+[Left]) did not work correctly during playback in the clip-edit or the slideshow window.
Fixed: The Intel Media SDK Hardware for MPEG-2 Decoder did not work correctly in a Skylake or later Intel CPU environment with a specific driver version.
Fixed: Occasionally thumbnails would not display correctly in the title selection window when importing a multi-angle DVD.
Other corrections.

 Version - March 25, 2020

ImprovedImproved: Occasionally some decoded video frames were duplicated when importing certain invalid H.264/AVC video streams recorded on Insta360 EVO.
Corrections Fixed: When importing a menu template that has text buttons, the text buttons did not appear on the menu.
Fixed: Occasionally an exported file that was encoded by the x264 encoder was corrupted depending on a certain CPU core and the number of threads.
Fixed: The Media Foundation Reader did not work correctly when converting a project saved in TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4.
Fixed: The application did not launch correctly in certain Windows 10 Secure Boot environments.
Fixed: NVENC could not be selected for the proxy encoder in an NVIDIA Geforce Driver Ver.445.75 install environment.
Other corrections.

 Version - December 13, 2018

Corrections Fixed: Intel Media SDK functions did not work correctly in some environments where Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 ver. was installed.
Fixed: The value of free space of the inserted media did not display correctly in the Disc Writing Tool.
Fixed: Could not change uppercase letters, lowercase letters mutually of the same alphabet when changing a name for a track or a chapter.
Fixed: Could not import an MP4 container which has a default-base-is-moof flag.
Fixed: Could not import certain QuickTime MOV files.
Fixed: Some specific player devices could not display a menu when the Delay Duration for Highlight option was set in a project.
Fixed: Occasionally an invalid handle error occurred while outputting a Blu-ray project.
Fixed: When using a certain device to record SD DVD Video, the resolution was recognized as 352 x 240.
Fixed: Invalid audio errors displayed for the verify check in the Simulation/Output stage when using a project which was saved in TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5.
Fixed: A European font could not be applied as the ATSC Closed Caption subtitles font.
Other corrections.

 Version - September 27, 2017

Corrections Fixed: Occasionally could not perform the rotation effect correctly depending on the size of the menu parts in the Menu Page Edit window.
Fixed: An error occurred when starting the output and the simulation of a DVD-Video project if all clips were detected as smart renderable in the track, and the track settings was set to "Prevent This Track from Target Size Adjustment".
Fixed: The highlight type setting of each page would not be applied correctly when importing a template where the highlight type setting had been changed in the global menu settings.
Other corrections.

 Version - July 19, 2017

Corrections Fixed: An error occurred when applying the option "Move to Front or Back" in the item menu of the Menu Edit stage.
Fixed: Could not start outputting if the output file name includes a specific character when creating a Blu-ray data image file in the Disc Writing Tool.
Fixed: When importing a TSCC/TSC2 CODEC file via the AVI file reader, occasionally the simulated or exported video could not be displayed correctly.
Fixed: Occasionally an error occurred while outputting a project which includes 3D transitions in a lower memory capacity environment.
Fixed: Occasionally detected an MPEG-1 file as a Full-Rendering source file even if the MPEG-1 file conforms to the DVD standard.
Fixed: Could not recognize the second and subsequent disc media in certain environments when the number of copies is set to 2 or more.
Fixed: An error occurred when starting output of a DVD-Video project if the project contains an XDVD MPEG file.
Other corrections.

 Version - June 4, 2017

Corrections Fixed: Could not start output because an error occurred when a Blu-ray (BDMV) project exceeded the estimated output size of 25 GB.
Fixed: Could not move an audio clip in the left or right directions by using keyboard cursor keys.
Fixed: Did not keep the current layout settings when importing a SRT subtitles file which has no layout information.
Fixed: Occasionally an error occurred during output if applying a transition to a source clip which has full range YUV color space.
Other corrections.

 Version - May 18, 2017

Retail version released.

 Version - May 10, 2017

Trial Preview version released.