Archive Mother's Day Memories with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 Menu Templates
Create a Custom-made Blu-ray or DVD to Keep Mother’s Day Memories for Years to Come
May 13, 2010

Huntington Beach, Calif. – May 13, 2010 -
Pegasys Inc. ( the company that makes digital video easy, announces the availability of a free TMPGEnc® Mother’s Day-themed Menu Template for TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (TAW4) owners. This elegant template makes it easy for any user to create a beautiful, custom-made DVD or Blu-ray Disc for his or her mother so she can cherish this Mother’s Day for years to come. More information and additional TAW4 templates can be found at

"Although Mother’s Day has passed, this is the time of year when sons and daughters celebrate their mothers," commented Tak Ebine, Pegasys CEO. "Why not give her something to remember her Mother’s Day, such as a custom-made DVD filled with her favorite home videos and photos? TAW4 is a complete media authoring solution for any level of video enthusiast so it’s easy for anyone to create a complete DVD or Blu-ray Disc from start to finish. Helpful wizards guide users through importing videos and photos, customizing menus, and burning the project to disc."

Here are some of the easy to use features of TAW 4:

Import Hi-Def Video (AVCHD/HDV) from a Camcorder
Create and enjoy the high-capacity Blu-ray format, high definition video complete with themed menus without worrying about disc capacity. This allows the saving of high-definition videos taken with an AVCHD or HDV camcorder and keeping it in high definition. Add in high quality 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound or linear PCM audio (up to 192 kHz/20bit) and the result is an excellent audio/video presentation.

Edit Video Footage
The included cut editing tool gives users the ability to cut-out unwanted scenes or turn one video into several separate videos. The simple controls make editing video a breeze for anyone.

Author DivX® Discs
DivX authoring capability allows DivX projects to feature DVD-like menus and navigation. Finished projects may be replayed with DivX Player software on a PC, or on any DivX Ultra Certified DVD player, a television or compatible home theater system.

Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Support
For added interest to any video with surround sound, the enhanced software supports input and output of 5.1 Dolby digital audio. Now every nuance, lyric, and bass sound can be saved and enjoyed.

Advanced Slideshow Creator
Photography lovers will appreciate the advanced slideshow creator that allows users to create slideshow DVDs or hi-def slideshows (1920 x 1080) on Blu-ray Disc. Users can animate each slide with transitions and add animation effects to bring still images to life.

Other features
171 video transition effects add a professional look to video clips; batch authoring that automatically renders multiple DVD/BDMV projects one after the other, eliminating the need to start each output manually; author Blu-ray discs with full HD pop-up menus; create menu parts such as buttons, frames, and backgrounds from custom images.

TAW4 easily captures video directly from a DV or HDV camcorder. It requires a simple IEEE 1394 (i.LINK) PC interface connection. It can also import many types of source files, including: DVD-VIDEO, DVD-VR, MPEG1/2, MPEG-4 ISO/H.264, AVI, Windows Media, DivX, and QuickTime (mov, mp4, 3gp, 3g2) file formats. Users can utilize up to two subtitle streams simultaneously, making it possible to create a DVD or Blu-ray Disc with subtitles in multiple languages. The included disc writing tool completes the process by burning the project to DVD or Blu-ray Disc media.

About PEGASYS Inc.
PEGASYS Inc. makes digital video easy. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, PEGASYS was established in November 2001 with the release of TMPGEnc Plus -- probably the world's most popular MPEG-1/2 video encoding software and at the time, was the only freeware video encoder. The company's two flagship products, the TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress video encoder and the new TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4, anchor a strong line of retail and OEM digital video editing and encoding products for home and professional users.

The recognized leaders in developing quality video encoding tools for MPEG applications, PEGASYS Inc.'s encoding technology is also incorporated into numerous commercial and professional video editing and DVD-creation software products. PEGASYS have been bundled with quality products from top worldwide manufacturers, including Sony Japan and Pioneer. For information about PEGASYS Inc. and its products, visit the company's website at

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