Revision History

Revision History
 Version - October 3, 2022

Corrections Fixed: Failed to launch in a Windows 11 22H2 environment.
Fixed: Occasionally the Player Controller did not return to the correct position.
Other corrections.

 Version - March 6, 2019

Corrections Fixed: Could not display language settings correctly in the Audio/Subtitles selection menu.
Fixed: Could not correctly playback a PGMX file which has a 3ch(2/1) or 4ch(3/1) audio channel stream.
Other corrections.

 Version - May 18, 2016

New Now supports Fast forward and Rewind function during playback. This function can by the following operations:
  • Select from the right-click menu;
  • Press and hold the previous/next chapter button;
  • Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+[F], CTRL+SHIFT+[B].
  • For more details, please refer to the HELP.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally could not display the PGMX subtitles correctly when the subtitles contained an alpha channel.
Fixed: Occasionally could not playback video smoothly depending on the framerate.
Other Other corrections.

 Version - July 29, 2015

New Now supports undocking the player controller.
Added the setting to hide the Play/Pause indicator on the preview area. You can change the setting in the Preferences > Player View Settings > Playback Settings.
Corrections Fixed: Occasionally could not correctly play certain MKV files even if the file was normal.
Other Now officially supports Windows 10.
Other corrections.

 Version - June 12, 2014

First released version