Revision History

Revision History
 TMPGEnc KARMA.. Version (Beta)- December 20, 2012

New Added the latest TMPGEnc products in the TMPGEnc Series Launcher.
*Prior software versions will be displayed if they are installed on your PC.
Fixed Other minor fixes.

 TMPGEnc KARMA.. Version (Beta)- August 14, 2009

New Matroska video container file support.
Please note that this requires certain video codecs and splitters to be installed.
Changed Database engine.
Fixed Other minor fixes.

 TMPGEnc KARMA.. Version (Beta)- October 15, 2008

New In the system and right-click contextual menus, "Select all" was added as an option.
If video info is listed in the information bar at the top of the screen (such as during playback), you can click on it to jump directly to that video in your library.
In the Preferences screen, vertical drag options have been added.
In the Preferences screen, a smooth scrolling option has been added.
Changed The interface has been refined for increased usability.
A progress window is now displayed when you add a file to the library.
Fixed The folder manager would not connect to a network folder and would not add files.
The width of the sorting detail headers would not carry over when switching between list veiw and thumbnail view.
In the tree list, selecting "Tag" or "Color label" would not do anything; they will now select all videos with a tag or color label respectively.
Other minor fixes.

 TMPGEnc KARMA.. Version (Beta)- September 2, 2008

First released version