TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

   This product has been discontinued.
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Revision History
 Version - June 19, 2012

Fixed An error would occur when you open the cut-edit screen and you have NVIDIA graphic driver version 301.24 or 301.42 installed on your system.
In the menu stage's link editor, the invalid cursor link warning (yellow shaded menu items) would not be displayed.
In the menu editor, when changing the position of a menu item using top and left coodinates, the position would not update when you tried to change the position of the next item.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - November 8, 2011

Improved Media writing tool's writing driver has been updated.
Click here for the updated list of supported drives.
Fixed When burning into DVD+R/DVD-R DL media, the layer break point would not be inserted at an appropriate point.
Occasionally could not burn DVD-Video correctly onto a dual-layer DVD Disc.
Used an alternative field more than necessary when writing to BD-R/BD-R DL media with the writing tool.
The playing compatibility has been increased when burning into BD-R/BD-RE DL media.
Even though the media is blank and it had been ready to burn, it occasionally would not be identified as blank by the writing tool.

 Version - March 31, 2011

Updated Media writing tool's writing driver.
(It is no longer possible to output an ISO image larger than the capacity of a dual-layer Blu-ray [BDMV] disc [45 GB].)
Click here for a list of supported drives.
Fixed AVI file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where AVI files having a partially invalid header could not be opened.
Memory usage would dramatically increase when a subtitle stream was added to a BDMV track.
In the Global menu settings/Effects, a menu's Pop-up menu would not be recognized as buttons.
Authoring in 16:9 with 4:3 MPEG-1 video materials would prevent correct Smart Rendering.
The "Open with the DivX player" button would not function with the DivX Plus Player.
The AVI file reader no longer uses some of the ACM codecs that would cause a buffer overrun.
The VFAPI file reader could not correctly retrieve the audio and/or video when several instances were used.
Even with an audio gap corrected source, an audio gap would occur when the source was imported through the DirectShow file reader.
Audio would not be imported when importing some peculiar TS files.
Some peculiar MPEG files would have their bitrate determinated at 0 b/s.
When importing a 4 channel Dolby Digital source, some channels would be muted.
The "X" or "Cancel" buttons would not function properly in the Simulation stage while rendering a motion menu.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - September 16, 2010

Fixed MP4/AVCHD file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where some video data would not be decoded unless played frame by frame.
AVI file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where AVI files having a partially invalid header could not be opened.
MPEG-1/2 file reader updated. This update corrects the issues listed below.
  • Improved the MPEG-1/2 file importation when the VBV buffer size value is smaller than what is expected from the file characteristics, but is still within the limits.
  • Only the audio stream from some TS files would be loaded in spite of having a compatible video stream.
DVD file reader updated; abnormal DVD-Video may now be imported partialy instead of being completely rejected.
44.1 kHz Dolby Digital audio file would not be correctly decoded.
Multiple WTV files imported through the Source Wizard would not open correctly.
Could not move a clip from a track to another when the original track contained 99 clips.
In the Slideshow editor, applying a slideshow general transition setting other than "None" would also change the slide's local transition setting when such setting was "None".
In the Slideshow editor, changing a slide's local transition setting would raise an internal error preventing the correct setting to take place.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - May 13, 2010

Fixed DivX file reader and encoder updated.
AVCHD file reader updated. Some data would cause the continuous display of the same picture.
DVD-Video with a VOB containing a lot of useless data would not be correctly imported.
Conversion to PS of some WTV files would suddently come to a stop.
MPEG file reader updated, allowing the correction of the issues listed below.
  • TS files containing abnormal packets would be processed as normal packets, causing an error during the importation;
  • Some TS files would be mistakenly recognized as a PS file;
  • Linear PCM at 192 kHz would not be correctly processed.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - April 21, 2010

Added MPEG-2 + AAC WTV file support
(The audio part of a WTV file converted into a MPEG-2 PS file by the Source Wizard may not play correctly in Windows Media Player).
Improved In certain configurations, the Preview buttons of the cut-edit window would not display correctly and the audio waveform would display a "No audio available" message.
Fixed Changes to the audio noise reduction filter setting would not be correctly be taken into account after a preview.
The correct error message would not display when an error occured during the Microsoft TV recording file (*.dvr-ms, *.wtv) conversion into PS.
Clip name and output file name would become invalid when the title, sub-title and other information retreived from a Microsoft TV recording file (*.dvr-ms, *.wtv) contained a line return.
An error would occur during playback in the Transition editor or Simulation stage when the clip contains MP2 audio.
The "Next" button would not function in the Menu Wizard when no template was selected at all and the Custom menu mode selected.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - March 3, 2010

Added Input support for the Microsoft TV recorder file format "WTV".
(WTV file importation is possible on the computer that recorded the file, or can create such files, and are not copy-protected.)
Improved Improved memory usage for when the memory is too low, "Insufficient memory," "Invalid sample format," or other errors would display. Because of this improvement:
  • Memory usage has been dramatically lowered when enabling the "Clip linking" option of the Track settings.
  • The negative affects of large memory address space usage are limited, especially in Windows XP.
  • Memory usage has been lowered when registering a large amount of chapters in a project.
  • Limits the usage of the file importation cache when the host computer contains a large memory.
Updated the MP4/AVCHD file reader. This new version:
  • Allows the reading of some files that could not be imported before.
  • Fixes a doubled playback speed issue.
  • Fixes a pink video noise appearing in certain configurations.
  • Fixes a bold stripe pattern noise appearing in certain configurations.
YUV color space information contained in the source file is now taken in account when imported through the MP4/AVCHD File Reader. If no color space information is available, the BT.709 or SMPTE 170M color space is automatically selected according to the pixel rate.
The MPEG file reader can now import a PTS data-only MPEG file.
The Dolby Digital decoder continues outputting audio even after encountering corrupted data.
Some specific chapter thumbnail pictures from certain DVD-Video data could not be imported.
Following a silence, the audio uniformization filter could highly increase the volume, resulting in an explosion-like effect. The improved filter reduces the occurence of such an issue.
Updated Disc writing tool. It would output an error log under Windows 7 64-bit.
Prevents the computer from going into stand-by mode when the output Autoresume is enabled.
(This improvement has been added to the Batch authoring tool too)
When an optical drive is absent, outputting an ISO image file no longer makes the Disc writing tool unresponsive at the end of the output.
Fixed Some anti-virus applications would prevent the correct writing of DVD-Video files.
The Batch authoring tool no longer displays a warning that would stop the output when starting the batch.
In certain cases where there are long-duration clips, an insuficient memory error would occur during the authoring process.
The video would not display correctly when using the high speed rendering mode in the cut-edit or preview window. This problem would appear only with certain graphic cards.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - November 9, 2009

Added Support for the AAC 5.1 channel format. (Allows the importation of AAC audio up to 5.1 channels when included in an MPEG-2 TS file). A new option in the Clip Audio properties allows you to manually specify the number of audio channels when importing AAC audio.
Fixed Importation: MPEG files with an invalid trailer would not be imported.
Importation: The MPEG demultiplexer's valid header search range has been doubled, allowing some unreadable files to be imported.
Menu: When in DivX Ultra output mode, the Menu Wizard would be set to the "Track menu only" option even when the project contained several tracks.
Menu: When displaying the Global menu settings window in the Menu editor, the menu display would change from List mode to Editor mode. This correction prevents the menu display from changing.
Menu: When changing the Chapter display in the Global menu settings window of the Menu editor, the thumbnail picture in the Menu page list would not update properly.
Menu: In the Global menu settings, changed content would not update properly depending on the local menu settings and the user control restriction settings.
Menu: An error would sometime arise when enabling/disabling the menu display in the Chapter display setting of the Global menu settings.
DVD-Video timecode recording method changed for better precision. Correct players would display a playback duration up to 0.1% longer. (Player correctly processing the timecode displays a playback duration 0.1% lower)
When copying a clip from a DVD-Video target to a BDMV target by using the clipboard, the audio error protection settings would not perform correctly, and would then become a verifier error later.
In BDMV target mode, when moving a clip by dragging and dropping to an empty track, the MPEG profile would not be copied correctly, making the track settings become invalid.
In the DivX default settings of the Preferences, the MPEG-3 audio bitrate could not be specified properly.
The help file could not be displayed from the Options menu of the Batch authoring tool.
In the clip Cut editor stage, the range and seek bar's cursor positions would shift after setting a clip range then displaying the Audio filter settings window.
In the clip Cut editor stage, after setting a clip range and then displaying the Audio filter settings window, changing the Time tone reduction filter settings would somtimes provoke a deadlock.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - September 30, 2009

Fixed When in PAL DVD-Video mode with Smart Rendering prioritized (automatic setting), fully re-encoded materials would have a non-standard GOP length.
AVCHD files generated by a camcorder would not be imported entirely.
When decoding an invalid AAC stream, the decoding would stop after the affected position.
Some outputted non-standard DVD-Video or DVD-Video headers containing garbage data could not be imported correctly.
Some non-standard MPEG-4 files could not be imported correctly.
An insufficient memory error would occur when encoding the biggest WMV clip registered in the Source stage.
Audio formats other than LPCM or MP3 in a AVI/Wave material file would not be decoded during a seek action, and could also cause an audio gap.
The framerate in the Output settings of the General menu settings would sometimes not display properly.
When outputting in BDMV mode, the Pop-up menu preview would appear even when the preview was disabled.
In the Global menu editor, the menu part selected when choosing the process is now used as the initial setting.
In the Menu item tool's background picture creation, the user's selected picture is now checked against its ratio instead of its size and displays a corrected error message.
In the track menu settings window, checking the "Use local settings for this track menu" would sometimes not allow the Motion menu "Loop motion / audio" to be enabled.
Some parts of an imported TMPGEnc DVD Author 2 project menu would not appear.
Outputting in BDMV with a track format of 1280x720, 1440x1080 or 1920x1080 at 24 fps would actually output at 25 fps.
In BDMV, overlapping subtitle timings would produce blinking. (On the PlayStation 3, use system version 2.6 or newer to playback your BD.)
After increasing the layer break point possible position search area for Dual-layer media, an insufficient volume size error would appear.
When using the Audio volume uniformization filter in Average mode, the audio volume would be at the maximum at the beginning.
In the Output stage, the verifier now checks if the total length of the tracks is within the standard.
The DVD-Video/VR subtitle color processing algorithm has been improved, allowing better color change when several colors are used.
The verifier would display an error message when linking XDVD-type Smart Rendering clips and full rendering clips.
The seek bar in the audio filter preview window would not receive the focus when the window was displayed.
In the Preferences, the video pre-load cache maximum size is now 512 MB instead of 1024 MB.
The warning message content has been changed when a track contains only MP2 audio.
Other minor fixes.

 Version - June 4, 2009

Improved Added an optional low memory usage multithreaded motion search. (This option is enabled by default, you can disable it in the Preferences.) This option does not change the final output.
Added a volume correction function in the Menu editor's Background music editor tab.
Added an aspect ratio retention option in the Menu editor's Background picture tab.
Added a layout reset button in the Subtitles layout editor.
The AVCHD file reader can now import multichannel AAC audio data.
Fixed The subtitle text reader could not import correctly some languages.
The subtitle text reader is now more resilient when importing SRT files with unexpected empty lines, skipped text numbers etc. It will now try to continue the importation when possible instead of stopping.
An error would occur when adding a Fade-in/out effect transition between clips where the subtitiles were enabled.
When editing a chapter name in the Clip editor window, pressing the "Delete" key would cut the current clip selection.
In the Clip editor window, moving to Next/Previous frame function would not function correctly.
In the Menu editor, an error would arise when adding a custom picture in a menu, deleting it, then using the Undo/Redo function.
In the Menu editor, enabling the page level properties would make the subtitles or audio streams selection page disappear.
In the Menu editor, loading a project with a specific setting would freeze the application.
In the Menu editor, attempting to load a file that is not a picture, nor a video, in the menu would cause an error, followed by a second error.
In the Menu editor, creating a menu then changing the setting to "No menu", after starting a new project, the menu page thumbnail list would not display correctly.
In the Menu edtior, adding several pictures at a time, then deleting them would cause an error.
In the Disc writing tool, an error would arise stating a BDMV folder is already present when adding a BDMV folder by drag and drop.
In the Disc writing tool, an unwanted error message would appear when inserting a disc after writing to a BD-R or other media.
When outputting in BDMV mode, selecting 24 fps would actually output in 25 fps. (This problem does not occur when the output is in SD or 23.976 fps.)
When outputting in BDMV/DVD-Video, the video length would become 1 frame shorter.
When outputting in BDMV at 1920x1080/23.976 fps or 24 fps, a verifier error would arise.
When manually changing the framerate setting of an AVCHD source, the track settings would become incorrect and the verifier would show an error.
Depending on the source resolution, the AVCHD file reader would not correctly determinate the YUV colorspace.
On rare occasions, the AVCHD reader would not be able to read some data.
When using an AVCHD source, the memory usage would be higher than expected and an Insufficient memory error would arise.
The MPEG-4 AVC decoder has been updated to correctly decode SpursEngine generated MPEG-4 files.
An error would arise when navigating within an clip imported through the AVCHD file reader.
The correct picture could not be retrieved when navigating a clip imported through the DirectShow file reader.
Playback would become more and more difficult in the second half of a PV3/4 data source with a long duration.
The application would freeze when adding chapters or enabling/disabling the subtitles.
The correct number of cores could not be recognized for the AMD type multicore CPU.
The GOP length is now within the standard limits when importing an NTSC source in a PAL project using the full rendering mode.
Depending on the track transition order, the track default audio and subtitle settings would not be correctly reflected.
When importing DVD content through the Source Wizard, a specific data condition would abort the importation.
When adding a project in the Batch authoring tool, the automatic child folder creation setting would not be passed correctly, and an error would occur.
During a simulation, when the Play/Pause button cannot be used (during a firstplay playback etc), and therefore cannot be played back when automatically paused according to the specifications, the Play button is now enabled to allow the playback.
The application memory usage efficiency has been optimized.
When creating a BDMV custom menu, choosing a specific menu structure would create a disc where it is not possible to go from the Top menu to the Track menu.
Other corrections.

 Version - December 4, 2008

Added Intel Core i7 (Nehalem core) official support.
Fixed The preview would sometimes partially display improperly and an error would arise when moving to stages containing a preview in the Cut-edit or Slideshow editor.
Extended the character limit on an input QuickTime file name when using QuickTime 7.1 or later versions.
An error would arise when outputting in BDMV/DVD target mode with a PAL track containing an MPEG file in the NTSC DVD-Video standard.
An error would arise when returning to the Menu stage after deleting a track in the Source stage while the same track menu page was displayed in the Menu stage.
A small audio defect would occur in a clip connection or cut-edit point when the audio output was set to the Dolby Digital format, resulting in an audio gap.
Setting a track output format to BDMV 1920x1080i 25 fps would cause a verifier error.
An error would occur when cut-editing/authoring an AVCHD source.
An error would occur when using the chaptering tool on certain AVCHD data.
Importation of a MPEG-2 TS file containing garbled data in the header would fail, or a long still picture would appear.
Modifying the aspect ratio in the Clip properties would not be taken into account at the output stage when using the PV3 file reader.
An error would occur and the preview would be black when importing an AviSynth's AVS file.
Part of the picture would not display properly (it would become green) when moving the window in a multi-display configuration when in high-speed rendering mode under Windows Vista.
An error would arise when maximizing a window shared in a multi-display configuration when in high-speed rendering mode under Windows Vista.
An error would arise in the Clip properties stage of the Clip editing window when setting the audio configuration to bilingual then changing the video settings.
Error messages would still arise after the "Necessary files for the application..." message appears when launching the Batch authoring tool.
An error would still arise when importing a valid TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring project file after the importation of such a project file failed on a "File not found" error.
Disabling the "Output the original pictures used for the slideshow" option in the Preferences no longer deletes the "PICTURE" folder during the output.
The seek bar would behave randomly when clicked if the "Move the playhead to the clicked location in the seek bar" option was disabled in the preferences.
The audio bitrate would become invalid and the verifier error would occur at output when smart rendering was applied to an LPCM 20 bit or 3 channel audio source in BDMV output target mode.
Improved Performance optimization and reduction of the memory usage.
Menu Related Revisions
Fixed The application would lock-up due to an internal error occurring while outputting a pop-up menu.
A deadlock would occur under specific conditions when displaying the Global menu settings and changing the Item display tab settings in a sequence.
An unexpected error would arise and the processing would become invalid when editing a background picture with the background audio set to a file that cannot be found.
Pressing the PageUp key in the menu editor video/audio selector window would have the same effect than pressing the PageUp key.
Video settings would not be reflected in the audio settings when using the video and audio from the same source in the menu background editor window.
The Item display tab of the Track menu setting window now displays only the necessary items.
Effects would not be applied to all the selected items of a menu.
Other Revisions
Updated Writing driver updated.
Improved The Writing tool now writes even when the addition of data is normaly not permitted on the media.
This should solve playback problems encoutered in BD players with BD-R media.
Slideshow animation behavior slightly changed so the animation range is wider when resizing is in "Avoid border appearance" mode.
Fixed Other various corrections.

 Version - November 12, 2008

First release version.