TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for EDIUS Pro 8

Revision History

Revision History
 Version - December 18, 2018

Corrections Fixed: Intel Media SDK functions did not work correctly in some environments where Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 ver. was installed.

 Version - November 9, 2017

Corrections Fixed: Occasionally did not display the progress display correctly while exporting when the rate control mode in the export settings was set to VBR 2 Path mode.
Other corrections.

 2017.6.02 / Ver.

Corrections Fixed: Occasionally the Error Code (0x80048008) occurred when retrieving video/audio data took a lot of time during export.
Fixed: The actual quantization bits which were retrieved from EDIUS were 16-bit even if the Linear PCM Quantization was set in 24-bit.
Other corrections.

 Version - December 21, 2015

First released version.