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DVD Creation


Outputting and Writing Your DVD-Video

This is the last stage. This is where we will output the project to the DVD-Video format and write (burn) to DVD disc.

Let's explore the options available on the Output screen.

The Output Screen

1. Output Folder Name
You can set the folder name and output location here.

2. Transcoder Settings
You can set a specific output size for your DVD files.

3. Post-Output Process
Set whether you'd like to write after file output.

4. Writer Settings
Set which writing drive you'd like to use, along with writing speed.

1. Output Folder Name

Before being able to burn your project to DVD, the program first needs to render and output your clips into the DVD-Video format onto your computer's hard drive. Here, you can select the output location and set the folder name for your project.

2. Transcoder Settings

Sometimes your content will be bigger than the size of a DVD disc's capacity. The transcode settings will tell the program what the final output size of the project should be. You can select from a number of options depending on the project's format. Since we are making a DVD, the following options are available to us.

For DVD-Video Mode:
  • None (Transcoding will not be done.)
  • Single Layer DVD Media (4.7 GB)
  • Dual Layer DVD Media (8.5 GB)
  • Custom Target Size (Use target size setting)

3. Post-Output Settings

In this tutorial, we will write to DVD after our DVD-Video files are outputted. To do so, we'll need to do the following steps:

1. Check the box next to "Write to the media disc after output completion."

2. Click on "Writer Settings" to set our writing drive.

4. Writer Settings

1. Set your writing drive and speed by clicking on the downward arrow to select from the available options.

2. Insert a blank DVD into your selected drive and click "OK".

Start Output

Now that your writing settings are set, click on the "Start output" button to begin the output process.

The Output Screen

Once you click "Start output", the project will be encoded in the DVD-Video format to the folder specified, and then written with the drive you selected. The screen below is what you will see while this process is occurring.

1. This is the preview area that will show what is currently being processed.

2. The "Start output" button will change to "Abort output." Click to abort the output process.

3. Progress Bar
This shows the overall progress of the output. The bar will first show the progress of the DVD-Video files outputting to the folder you specified, and will then start again for the writing process.*

*If you click "Abort output" while the files are being written to the DVD media, the process will be aborted and cannot be started from where you left off.
However, the DVD-Video files outputted to the folder you specified will still be available to use to write the project to DVD.

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