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  • Video Library Management Software.
  • For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista SP1 / XP SP3
  • ATTENTION: Internet connection required for protection against unauthorized use and periodic online validation. Learn more...
  • Language: English. Also available in Japanese.
  • Also available as a free version. Compare the free and Plus versions.

The Gateway to Your Digital Video!


Control Your Collection.

Just Drag 'n Drop!
With multiple views of your video library, you can easily drag files from one view and drop it in the appropriate category, playlist or color label!


View Videos Your Way.

Quick Preview
Play up to 3 videos at once to quickly find the footage you're looking for.
Enhanced Player Window
Or, play a single video in the Player Window to utilize our Intuitive Draw Technology 2.0 for fast picture rendering.
Projector Output
Output your video to a secondary monitor or projector for presentations or to watch while you work!

Compare & Enhance.

See the Difference.

KARMA.. Clear
The KARMA.. Clear function sharpens low resolution video. When activated, your videos will appear sharper when enlarged beyond their default resolution!
Multiplay Mode
Easily compare two videos with the Multiplay Mode. Split the screen in Separator Mode or use Overlay Mode to superimpose one video on top of the other. Great for comparing different encodes of the same video!

Compare The Free and Plus Versions!

Why get TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus when there's a free version? Check out the comparison chart below and see how much more you get when you go with TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus!

Drag'n Drop Organization Yes Yes
Custom Tags/Categories Yes Yes
Apply Color Labels Yes Yes
Quick Preview Yes Yes
Application Launcher Yes
(TMPGEnc apps only)
Native MPEG-1/2/4 File Reader No Yes
Native FLV File Reader No Yes
Custom Playlists No Yes
Story Thumbnails No Yes
Compare Videos No Yes
Enhanced Player No Yes
Dual Monitor Support No Yes
NVIDIA® CUDA™ Support No Yes
Database Management No Yes
Download TMPGEnc KARMA.. NOW! Buy TMPGEnc KARMA..Plus for US $39.95!
Enhanced for Intel Core processors Designed for NVIDIA® CUDA™