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Turn Photos & Videos Into a Slideshow In a Few Simple Steps!

  • Create Slideshows Easily.
    Turn photos & video into a slideshow instantly!
  • Present in Real-time.
    Add captions, music and sound effects on the fly!
  • Convert to Video.
    Convert your show into a Windows Media Video file!
  • Burn to DVD.
    Includes special TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 software*!
  • Share with Friends.
    Upload your show to YouTube!

*Not included with the Free Version.


Set up a show in minutes!

Instant Show Wizard
Use the Instant Show Wizard to instantly create a slideshow from your digital photos and video clips!
Custom Show Creation
Drag 'n drop photos & video into the Storyboard to create your slideshow in seconds! Add slide transition effects, sound effects, music and captions to take your show to the next level!


And do it with style.

Real-Time Control System
Preview or play your show with real-time controls! Add sound effects, music and captions on the fly!
Dual Display Support
Use a projector or second monitor to display your show while you control it on your primary monitor. Great for events such as weddings and parties!


Numerous output options.

Save As a Video
Save your show as a WMV or MPEG-2 video file.
Burn to DVD*
With the included special version of TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 software, you can turn your show into a DVD complete with menus.
YouTube Upload
Share your show with friends, family or the whole world with the YouTube Upload feature.

* Not available with the Free Version.

Compare The Free and Full Versions!

The Free and Full Versions of TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter share most of the same features. However, there are some notable differences which are listed below.

Free Version Full Version
Number of Instant Show Wizard Themes 1 10
Maximum Video Output Resolution 320×240 1920×1080
Includes DVD Authoring Software No Yes
Number of Included Sound Effects 3 16
Number of Included Music Files 3 38
No Brand Watermark During Playback No Yes
Download the Free Version NOW! Buy the Full Version for US $49.95!
Enhanced for Intel Core processors CRIWARE