Enhanced for Intel Core processors This product has been discontinued.

Stop the Re-Encoding Madness.

Edit Your MPEG Video with Minimal Quality Loss.

Quality takes time. Or does it? TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 4 (successor to TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3) is a lossless, frame-level MPEG editor that allows you to cut, split and join clips with only the bare minimum of re-encoding (also known as smart rendering). This means practically no loss in quality and super-fast output.

Simply Revolutionary.

A New Smart Rendering Solution.

Smart render a wide range of MPEG files with our new Smart Rendering Engine. Set a Master file and any video with the same characteristics will be smart rendered. If a video doesn’t match the Master file, it will be re-encoded to match.
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Only The Best Will Do.

High Quality Encoding and Decoding.

With smart rendering, we hope you won't be doing much re-encoding, but for those parts that have to be re-encoded, use the best encoders/decoders on the market today. For MPEG-4 AVC, we use the highly acclaimed x264 encoder. For AAC audio, there’s the high-quality Fraunhofer IIS encoder. Plus, utilize your NVIDIA® CUDA™ GPU or your Intel® Quick Sync Video equipped PC for MPEG-4 AVC decoding.

Be More Creative.

Updated Editing Tools and Interface.

Unleash your creativity with the improved user interface. Better import features, support for multiple audio streams, text overlays, transition effects, multi-cut/split functionality, and a customizable editing screen all make it easier than ever to edit and add value to your favorite videos.

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Other Exciting New Features.

Other features include Blu-ray BDAV authoring, support for up to 8 audio streams, FLAC and Dolby Digital Plus audio support, and more.
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Created with CRIWARE Certified Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator Certified Dolby Digital Plus support Designed for NVIDIA CUDA Blu-ray Disc