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Product Q&A

  1. Why am I getting a "Cannot load VMESys.dll" error?

    This is a known issue when the retail version is installed over the trial version. When this problem occurs, uninstall TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3, and then reinstall it.

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  2. What kind of disc can I record with HD (High definition) image quality?

    You can output HD resolution video in the Blu-ray Disc (BDAV) format and play the disc on a Blu-ray Disc player (provided it supports the BDAV format).

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  3. Can I edit a disc that I recorded with a Blu-ray Disc recorder?

    TMPGEnc MPEG Editor does not have a function to edit the file that you recorded by using a Blu-ray Disc recorder.

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  4. Can I make a menu when I write the disc to Blu-ray (BDAV)?

    You cannot create a menu for a disc that is written in Blu-ray (BDAV) format.

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  5. What is the on-board graphic memory system requirement?

    This is the on-board graphics chip that is integrated into the computer's mother board. Conversely, the separate component with a graphics chip that attaches to the motherboard is called a video card (graphics card).

    On-board graphics chips are largely used with computers that have a small footprint because they are cheaper and do not take a lot of space. Most of them use the main memory for display processing.

    In this case, very little MB is saved automatically beforehand for display processing, even though the necessary system requirements on the computer's specs are 512 MB memory. Thus, this creates a situation where the operation requirement is not met (128MB or 256MB might be available depending on the computer's initial settings).

    If your computer has an on-board graphics chip, please download the trial version and test out the software to see if it is usable on your system.

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  6. Where can I purchase the latest version of ".NET Framework 3.0"?

    .NET Framework is provided by Microsoft for free. You can get it by using Microsoft Windows Update. For more information about Microsoft .NET Framework, visit the official website HERE.

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  7. I have purchased the download version; what should I do when I buy a new computer or need to reinstall it?

    You can still use the software as long as you have your serial number. Just download the software installer from our website's User Account area, then install and validate your license serial number.
    Please note the User Account is not automatically created when you purchase the software license. Once you receive your license serial number by e-mail following your payment confirmation, go to the User Account & Registration portal page to create your account if you do not already have one, then register your license serial number in it.
    Once registered, you can download the latest installer from within your account, and also be able to retrieve your license serial number at any time in case you lose it.

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  8. What should I do if I have problems with the software?

    First, refer to the included help file. If this does not solve your problem, contact the Technical Support Service by using the form available at the Support page of our website. Please note the Technical Support Service is available for one year starting from the date of purchase.

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  9. Can I use TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3, even though I do not know what the computer's video card is?

    Please try the trial version. The trial version and the actual product's operation requirements are the same, so if you can use the trail version with no issues, you can use TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 with no issues.

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  10. Why can't I capture images from my DV camera?

    The animation format is different for DV and HDV. If you transfer data to the camera by using IEEE 1394, HDV is converted as MPEG-2, but DV is going to convert as AVI format (DV-AVI). TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 is software that allows you to output MPEG files to the same MPEG file format without deterioration. TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 does not have the ability for full rendering of the entire video file. Since DV-AVI is not an MPEG format, it cannot be inputted.

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  11. Can I create a DVD-Video menu that is more advanced?

    TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 can only create a simple menu. Please check out our TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 product to create more advanced DVD menus.

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  12. Can I use your software on a 64-bit operating system? 

    Our products have not been fully tested on the 64-bit version of Windows XP and Windows Vista. See our 64-bit compatibility page for current test results. You may download the trial versions of our software to test functionality, but keep in mind that our support does not cover usage on 64-bit systems, so please use at your own risk. All programs will run in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit OS.

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