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Encoding Evolved.

Import, edit, enhance, and encode your videos with the easy-to-use interface preferred by users the world over. Add video clips in practically any format, cut-out unwanted scenes, correct and enhance your video and audio, then encode to the format of your choice using custom settings or templates for popular formats. Be sure to check out the new features as well.

Encoding Made Simple.

Navigate Through Your Project with the Easy-to-Use Interface.

The Start-up Lancher window gives you the first option for your project. If you just need to convert one video, or link together several videos, choose the "Normal Mode". If you want to create a more sophisticated output with layered videos, or mix video with different audio sources, choose the "Timeline mode". Next, use the Format selector to choose the output format and continue to the Encode process. Voilà, video creation made simple!

Intuitive stages take you through your project with ease!

Tons of Input and Output Formats.

If you've got it, convert it.

Natively supporting a wide variety of the most recent formats such as FLV (H.264), WebM, and the MKV container, you practically don't need to install external CODECs. You can edit and output without needing any knowledge of these formats. Furthermore, it also includes AVCHD, Blu-ray disc importation and even HDV capture functions. It even includes the Editing Proxy function, allowing you to quickly edit Full HD content.
Note: This product does not have the ability to create menus and burn a complete DVD or Blu-ray; it only outputs video files that conform to those standards.

Tons of input and output formats.

Cut-Edit Your Video.

With an Improved Editing Window.

The Cut-editor window, while keeping its user interface simple for quick comprehension, has been enhanced with functions to support high-definition editing.

Drop Folder image

  • Accelerated preview/fast navigation thanks to the Intuitive Draw Technology 3.0 (IDT3.0). The decoding stage can use CUDA or Intel Media SDK (for compatible formats only), making it easier for high definition video editing.
  • You can use the mouse to move within an image when the preview image is larger than the display area, making it possible to edit regardless of the image resolution.
    *Image with a resolution higher than 2048 pixels is resized.
  • Clip Start/End points can now be set through sliders, allowing simplier cut-editing.
  • Audio meter displays the channel number and peak level in real time. You can prevent audio distortion by using the audio filters.

Smart Scene Search

Search Smarter, Not Harder.

Use the mouse's right button to quickly search in the scrolling thumbnail strip. Furthermore, by pressing the mouse's center wheel you activate the automatic scene change detection and jump to the next or previous scene change.

Smart Scene Search
The Filter list.

Enhance Your Video with Filters.

Correct, Improve, and Enhance Video.

From filters aimed at improving the image quality of the source (like the Video denoise and Smart sharpness) to the newly added and creative Vintage picture and Speed filters, many types of filters are now available to you.

the format stage.

Encode Your Video.

Use Templates for Popular Devices and Formats.

Using the Output format template, you can safely and simply set-up the encoder, even you use it for the time, without having to verify the player device's limitations. The Output format template selector sets the encoder for you, so you do not need to have knowledge of the intricate requirements of DVD-Video, Blu-ray formats, or highly demanded formats for the iPhone, iPad, PSP and other mobile devices.

Advanced MPEG Tools.

Advanced MPEG Tools.

Improved Tools

The MPEG tool, integrated in the Advanced tools window, is a powerfull tool that allows you to multiplex or demultiplex supported video and container formats. This product supports MP4 and MKV containers in addition to MPEG, and supports multistream. Outputted multistream file editing is also possible by selecting an arbitrary stream in the Clip properties. Other advanced tools are the Project checker, allowing you to verify if all files used in a project are available in the host machine, and the Proxy file creator, allowing you to create a lighter, Clip-editor friendly version of a source file that would be too large to process normally.

SpursEngine Movie Plug-In

SpursEngine Plug-In Support.

Take Advantage of SpursEngine Hardware.

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 can use the TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in SpursEngine, allowing access to the Toshiba made high-performance streaming media processor SpursEngine™.