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Video Filters

Enhance Your Video Clips

The advanced video filters found in TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress can help you enhance your video in ways you never thought possible. Have video clips captured from old film or analog sources? These filters can work wonders on restoring their original look.

Just take a look at the example below. We've taken a digitized version of old Kodachrome film footage from the New York World's Fair, 1939. The video clip is grainy, slightly blurry, discolored, and very dark. By applying color correction, deinterlace, video noise reduction, contour, and smart sharpness filters, the image and color have been enhanced to a whole new level.

Original: Grainy and discolored, this old film from 1939 is in need of filter enhancement.

Enhanced: Color correction, deinterlace, video noise reduction, contour, and smart sharpness filers applied.

Want to try your hand at enhancing the video above? You can download this public domain video clip from the Internet Archive website for free, and then apply filters with the FREE trial version of TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress!

Check out more examples of these and other video filters in action below!

Color Correction

Fix or adjust color settings.

Got a blue hue in your video clip? Or maybe the red is just too intense. Fix it with the color correction filter. You can even use it to create a sepia tone effect or turn your color video into black and white.

Video too dark? You can also use the color correction filter to adjust gamma, luminance, contrast, chroma, and more with various methods and settings.


See the whole picture.

Converts interlaced video sources into a progressive display mode. Various deinterlacing methods are selectable such as interplation, replication, inverse pulldown, weave, animation, and more.

Picture Crop

Crop your clips.

Maybe you want to crop out some random person that got in your frame, or maybe there's black bars you need to crop out of your video. With the picture crop filter, you can crop your video from the top, bottom, and/or sides.

Video Noise Reduction

Get rid of video noise.

Video captured from analog sources tend to have video noise in the form of speckles or snow. The video noise reduction filter removes that speckled appearance for a smooth, clean look.


Increase fine details.

This filter reduces the picture color gradations within a specified range in sharply changing color areas. This in turn increases the amount of fine details, creating a sharper, more detailed image.

Color Phase Correction

Re-align your colors.

The U and V components of the picture color can be offset on certain analog video. This filter can help you re-align the U and V components for a clearer image and more accurate color.

Picture Rotate

See things from a new angle.

Rotate the video image in 90 degree increments with the picture rotate filter. You can also flip the video image horizontally or vertically.

Ghost Reduction

Give up the ghost.

Video captured from analog sources can have luminance variations in the picture due to dephased signal reception. This can create a "ghosting" effect. Use the ghost reduction filter to adjust luminance levels and re-align ghosted images.

Gaussian Blur

Blur out your video.

Video too clear for your purposes? Or maybe you want to soften your video for whatever reason. Use the gaussian blur filter to blur your video to varying degrees.


Enhance details.

The sharpness filter amplifies color luminance variations and reduces gradations for increased edge definition.

Smart Sharpness

Increased sharpness control.

Like the sharpness filter, the smart sharpness filter amplifies color luminance variation and reduces gradations but also has increased control with separate detection and effects settings.


Embed subtitles into your video.

Maybe you need a caption in a certain clip, or your subject is speaking in another language. Use the subtitle filter to create your own subtitles that will be encoded into the movie. Be careful! These subtitles can't be turned off once you output your video.

Plus More Filters

Other video filters include the fade-in/out filter which lets you add a fade-in/out effect to the beginning and/or end of your video clip, an anti-flickering filter that helps suppress a picture flickering effect caused by interlaced display modes, and a picture resize filter that helps you resize your video to custom settings or to the dimensions of your output format.

Besides video filters, 4 audio filters are also included: audio noise reduction, audio volume adjustment, audio fade-in/out, and bilingual audio.

Take Advantage of Your NVIDIA CUDA™ Graphics Card

Increase filter processing speed.

NVIDIA CUDA™If you have a NVIDIA CUDA compatible graphics card, you can utilize the power of the GPU (graphics processing unit) to increase the processing speed for certain filters. TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress will automatically choose to use the GPU or CPU (whichever is faster) for filter processing, making output as efficient as possible.

For more information and benchmarks for using an NVIDIA CUDA graphics card with TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress, check out our New Features page.