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TMPGEnc Plus 2.5

This product has been discontinued.

Thank you for your many years of support and for making this one of the most popular MPEG video encoders of all time. Registered owners can still download the product from the User Account.

TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 boxshot

TMPGEnc Plus 2.5

Product Information

  • Converts your videos to DVD/VCD/SVCD-compliant MPEG video.
  • Advanced control over encoding settings.
  • Divide and merge video clips.
  • Also available as a Free Version with certain limitations. See the Specifications for details.
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System Requirements
Awards & Reviews
Features At-A-Glance:
  • Encodes AVI file into MPEG-1/2 format
  • Wizard mode makes it easy to encode with just a few clicks
  • Create MPEG for DVD-Video, SVCD, or VCD easily
  • 2passVBR encoding engine
  • Adjust size, aspect ratio, and more!
  • Multiplex/de-multiplex the Video/Audio stream

Main features

1. Project Wizard

Although MPEG encoding used to be for specialists only, everybody can now create MPEG-1/2 files easily using the project wizard. And because of the automatic bitrate adjustment function the size of the output file can easily be managed so that the file fits the target media.

2. New 2passVBR encoding engine

TMPGEnc Plus uses a new and improved 2passVBR encoding algorithm. This new 2passVBR analyzes the video during the first pass and does the actual encoding during the second pass. Using this method ensures high quality even when using a low bitrate. Furthermore, it is possible to specify the output file size and the bitrate will be adjusted automatically.

3. Create MPEG for DVD-Video, SVCD, or VCD easily

The project wizard makes it easy to create MPEG files corresponding to DVD-Video, SVCD, and VCD standard.

4. Useful MPEG editing tools:

Cut & Merge (Divide one MPEG file into multiple files, or merge separate files into a contiguous file.) Multiplex (combine audio and video stream into one MPEG) & De-Mulitiplex (separate MPEG file into separate audio and video file.

System Requirements
PC IBM PC compatible
OS Windows XP SP2(Home, Pro, Media Center), 2000 (Recommending the use with administrator authority), NT4.0, ME, 98SE, 98
*Operation on 64-bit operating systems not officially supported. Click HERE for details.
CPU Pentium3 500MHz or faster
(Up to 2 CPUs*)
Supported CPU Extensions MMX, MMX-2, SSE, SSE-2, Hyper-Threading Technology, 3DNow!, Enhanced 3DNow!
RAM 128MB or more
HDD space 100MB or more
+ enough space for the input / output files
(*NTFS format)

* Including logical CPU. In a XEON dual CPU environment which supports HyperThreading, you can run 2 CPU.
Wizard Mode TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
NTSC 352×240 29.97 fps CBR

NTSC film 352×240 23.976 fps CBR

PAL 352×240 25 fps CBR

NTSC 480×480 29.97 fps CBR,VBR

NTSC film 480×480 23.976 fps CBR,VBR

PAL 480×576 25 fps CBR,VBR

NTSC 29.97 fps 720×480/352×480
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio Linear PCM , MPEG-1 Layer II

NTSC (low resolution) 29.97 fps 352×480
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio: Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II

NTSC (16:9) 29.97 fps 720×480
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio: Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II

PAL 25 fps 720×576/352×576
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio: Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II

PAL (low resolution) 25 fps 352×288
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio: Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II

PAL (16:9) 25 fps 720×576
CBR/VBR 2000-8000kbps
Audio: Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II

Video Encoder TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
AVI(*2)/ DV type 2 (AVI) (*2) / MPEG-1&2
MicroSoft DirectShow MultiMedia Files

MPEG-1Video Format

MPEG-2Video Format
30 days

AVI Video Format

Output Size
MPEG-1: MIN 8×8 pixel -
MPEG-2: MIX 8×8 pixel -
MAX 720×576
MAX 1920×1152
Aspect Ratio
1:1/4:3/16:9/2.21:1 (selectable)

Frame rate
23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 fps (selectable)

Encode Mode
Constant bitrate (CBR)

Manual variable bitrate (MVBR)

Constant quality variable bitrate (CQ_VBR)

Constant quality (CQ)

Multi-pass VBR
2pass (old algorithm)
2pass (new algorithm)
Bitrate selection
MPEG-1:0 bps
max.104 Mbps
max.104 Mbps
MPEG-2: 0 bps
max. 15 Mbps
max. 80 Mbps
VBV buffer size
VBV buffer size can be edited.

Profile & Level
Main Profile & Low Level (MP@LL)

Main Profile & Main Level (MP@ML)

Main Profile & High Level (MP@HL)

High Profile & High-1440 Level (HP@HL)

4:2:2 Profile & Main Level(422P@ML)

Video Format

Interlace Method
Non-interlace/Interlace/3:2pulldown/reverse 3:2 pulldown

YUV Format


DC Component Precision
8bit/9bit/10 bit

Motion Search Precision
Can be selected

Video Editing TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
Source range
Can encode only selected area.

Invert telecine
Converts movies such as 640×480, 720×480 with 30 fps (60fields) to 24 fps.

Ghost erase
Erases ghost.

Sharpen edge
Sharpens edge.

Simple Color Correction
Corrects the tone of color.

Custom Color Correction
Corrects the tone of color manually.

De-interlaces line (horizontal line).

Clip frame
Adjust clipping and resize setting.

3:2 Pulldown
Converts 24 fps movie to 30 fps 60fields movie

Do not do framerate conversion
Does not do framerate conversion. However, if source and encoded MPEG have different framerate, the video and audio of the MPEG will not match.

Audio edit
Changes audio volume.

GOP (Group Of Picture) Structure TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
GOP Structure
Can be changed.

Save GOP Structure
Save/load as/from CSV format.

Bit stream output for editing
Prevent dependency with different GOP.

Scene change output
I picture is inserted if scene change is found.

Force picture type setting
- I picture /B picture /P picture(can be set onto specified frame.)

- Bitrate

- Relative quality of frames

- Quantize Matrix

- Motion search precision

Quantize Matrix editing TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
Quantize Matrix editing
Quantize Matrix can be edited.

Audio Encoder TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
Output format
PCM format/WAV format/MPEG-1 Audio Layer I/Layer II

64/96/112/128/160/192/224/256/320/384 kbps (selectable)

Sampling frequency
32/44.1/48 kHz (selectable)

Quantize bit value
Linear 16 bits(fixed)

Mono/Stereo/Joint-stereo/dual (selectable)

Other features TMPGEnc (Free Version Ver.) TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
Batch Encode
2 or more files can be encoded one after another.

MPEG Tools
- Merge & Cut

- MPEG file de-multiplex

- De-multiplexing Movie/Audio Stream

- Multiplexing Movie/Audio Stream

Reading a sequence of files
TMPGEnc can encode a sequence of consecutive numbered file as an MPEG

Sampling rate converter
High quality sampling rate conversion

*1 We only offer updates as download and not as update CD etc.
*2 We only support uncompressed AVI and MS-DV Type2 format AVI. Since the ability to encode AVI files using other types of codec depends on the codec environment, we cannot guarantee that it works.
For DV Type 1 format, please convert it to Type 2 using a DV converter. (Some companies distributes very good free DV converters. ) This conversion is generally a quick process.
*3 The maximum number of files is 20
Screenshot 01

Main Window

Screenshot 02

The Wizard

Screenshot 03

MPEG Settings: Video Tab

Screenshot 04

MPEG Settings: Advanced Tab

Screenshot 05

MPEG Settings: GOP Structure

Screenshot 06

MPEG Settings: Quantize Matrix

4 out of 5 stars
"...you can convert in interlaced or noninterlaced modes; change the aspect ratio and size; apply noise reduction; crop edges; and extract certain portions of a clip. TMPGEnc also lets you set the video quality and apply different filters. As long as you don't regularly need to encode video files in a codec other than MPEG, you'll find this one to be well worth considering."
BurnWorld's Atom Award
TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 has received BurnWorld's Atom Award.
"I cannot recommend this encoder highly enough, it's simple enough for someone with little computer experience to use, and yet adaptable enough for the more advanced user. I get high quality output that is ready for me to use with my DVD authoring program (which just happens to be the TMPGEnc one), and am always very pleased with the results. So whether you download off the internet (naughty, naughty), or just wish to create high quality video from your camcorder, this is the program to get. And with the 14-30 day free trial if it isn't right for you then it hasn't cost you anything."


Runs great on Intel Pentium 4 HT processors Created with CRIWARE