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TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0
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TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0

Product Information


This product has been discontinued.

  • Frame-level MPEG Editing Software
  • Latest Version: (June 17, 2008)
  • For Windows 2000 / XP SP2 / Vista / Vista SP1


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System Requirements
Revision History
Features At-A-Glance:
  • Edit your favorite TV shows and home movies!
  • Maintain your High Definition video quality while editing!
  • Make sure your edited video fits your favorite media with the transcoding feature!
  • Cut-Edit with surprising ease and speed!
  • Included VRCopy application lets you import from and write to DVD-RAM discs!
  • Scroll through your video at high speeds!
Cut Editor Full HD Output Smart Rendering Smart Scene Search Batch Encoding

Main features

1. Watch your favorite shows commercial-free

Import your footage from your DVD Recorder into MPEG Editor 2.0, and edit out all the annoying commercials and unwanted scenes with little to no effort.

2. Import. Edit. Write.

MPEG Editor 2.0 fully supports DVD-RAM thanks to the included VR-Copy (powered by Panasonic; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) . You can now import your footage, edit, and write straight back to your DVD-RAM disc, all within one program.

3. Cut-edit your HD video and keep it HD

Got High Definition? Then why not edit it as High Definition, MPEG Editor 2.0 maintains its extraordinary quality with no worries.

4. Cut out scenes from your video, fast and easy

Smart Rendering makes the editing process faster and easier by only re-encoding the surrounding frames versus the entire movie. Now you don’t have to wait to re-encode the whole movie for every little cut that is made.

Smart Rendering image 5. Make your video fit on your recordable media disc

Video too big? Media too small? After you’re done editing your digital video, you can specify your desired file output size while keeping your video’s original quality. Make sure your videos fit onto your favorite media without compromising the quality of your High Definition or standard definition video.

6. Moving through footage has never been faster

Blaze through your footage with keyboard shortcuts and find the scene you’re looking for right away without all the unnecessary waiting. MPEG Editor 2.0 allows you to scroll through your footage as fast or as slow as you like.

Fast scrolling image 7. Present your videos with cinematic style

Impress all your family and friends by giving your videos a studio touch with 2 ch Dolby Digital sound and your choice of either 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 standard aspect ratio formats.

Wide or standard aspect ratio image

System Requirements
PC IBM PC compatible
OS Windows Vista, WindowsXP (Home, Pro, Media Center) or Windows2000
CPU Pentium4 2GHz, Athlon XP 2000 or better
(Providing SSE extension support)
RAM 512MB or more
HDD space 80MB for the program
+ enough space for the input / output files
(*NTFS format, 5 GB at least recommended)
Screen resolution 1024×768 or more
Others *Internet connection required for Activation
Supported input formats
Video formats
MPEG-1 System stream (.mpg)*1, MPEG-1 Video Elementary stream (.m1v)*1
MPEG-2 Program stream (.mpg, .m2p), MPEG-2 Elementary stream (.m2v), MPEG-2 Transport Stream (.mpg, .m2t)*2; (MP@LL, MP@ML, MP@HL, HP@H1440, HP@HL, MP@H1440, HP@ML)*3
Windows Media Center Edition Files (DVR-MS)
DVD-VR file format
Audio formats MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (*.mp2); Dolby® Digital (*.ac3); Linear PCM (.wav/Uncompressed)


Supported output formats
Video formats*4
DVD-Video compliant MPEG file format (MP@ML)
MPEG-2 file format NTSC/PAL
MPEG-1 file format NTSC (Film)/PAL
Super Video CD NTSC/PAL
Audio formats MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (*.mp2); Dolby® Digital (*.ac3); Linear PCM (.wav/Uncompressed)
Supported input resolutions
Standard Definition
MPEG-1: NTSC - 352×240/PAL 352×288
MPEG-2: NTSC - 352×240/352×480/704×480/720×480
MPEG-2 PAL - 352×288/352×576/704×576/720×576
High Definition High Definition Resolution: 1440×1152 @ 60 fps, 1920×1152 @ 60 fps*
Acceptable High Definition Input format: MPEG-2 Transport Stream (*.mpg, *.m2t)
Acceptable High Definition Output format: MPEG-2 Program Stream (*.mpg, *m2p)
MPEG File output settings (value depends on format)
Aspect ration
Pixel aspect ratio 1:1, Display apect ratio 4:3/16:9/2.21:1
Profile & Level Identical to input
Framerate Identical to input
Video system Identical to input (NTSC/PAL)
Encode format CBR/VBR (Constant Quality: CQ 1 to 100)
VBV buffer size Identical to input
Video MPEG System Encoder
Encoding method
CBR/VBR (Constant Quality, CQ 1 to 100)
Aspect ratio 1:1/4:3/16:9/2.21:1
Framerate Identical to input
Profile & Level Identical to input (MP@LL, MP@ML, MP@HL, HP@H1440,
HP@HL, MP@H1440, HP@ML)
Video system Identical to input (NTSC/PAL)
VBV Buffer Size Identical to input
Video MPEG System Encoder
Linear PCM
MPEG-1 Layer-II (Stereo): 64/96/112/128/160/192/224/2
56/320/384 kbps;
AC3 (Stereo): 128/160/192/224/256/320/384/448 kbps
Sampling rate 32 kHz (.mp2,.ac3)/44.1 kHz(.mp2,.ac3)/48 kHz
Quantization 16 bit
Channel mode Mono/Stereo/Joint Stereo (mp2)/Dual (mp2, ac3)*5
Capabilities and Features
Dolby Digital (2 channel)
Can import and encode/export to 2-channel Dolby Digital audio;
can import 5.1 source files and output to 5.1 if audio is not processed.
16:9/4:3 aspect ratio
Can input and output at either 16:9 Widescreen and 4:3 Standard aspect ratio.
Fit-to-Disc Transcoder Automatically helps make sure that video fits a preset size for later writing to physical media.
Batch Encoding Process multiple tasks simultaneously or sequentially using the batch encoding utility program.
Smart Rendering Speeds up rendering process by only re-encoding frames that have been altered or edited in some way instead of entire clip.
Split Function Allows for quick creation of multiple clips from a single source file by splitting clips where marked.
Audio/Video Source
Imports separate source files for video and audio.
Audio Filters Clean up, refine, and enhance audio (note: using audio filters on Dolby 5.1 audio will cause it to re-encode as 2-channel audio).
Keyframe output Output keyframes in a separate file that can be imported into a program like DVD
Author Pro.
Multi-core CPU support Utilizes CPUs with multiple cores to maximize workload and distribute processing tasks evenly.
Multiple file combination Smart rendering allows you to merge several files together*6
MPEG tools MPEG file audio and video multiplexing/demultiplexing
VRForm DVD-RAM formatting tool
VRCopy DVD-RAM copying and writing tool
Source range Specifies the source output range.
Cut-edit function Cuts the source at several places.
I-picture insertion Specify the DVD menu chapter entry points within the clip.
Scene change detection Automatically detects scene changes and inserts I-pictures in re-encoded parts.
Aspect ratio change Change the output file's aspect ratio.
Audio gap correction Lets you manually correct out-of-sync audio and video.
Time signal reduction Possibility to reduce the audio top signal in a TV broadcast.
Audio volume change The volume can be changed between 0 to 500%.
Audio fade-in fade-out Possibility to fade the begining and ending audio of a clip.
Bilingual selection Possibility to output only the left (main) or right (secondary) audio channel.
DVD-Recorder Input/Output Able to import, edit, and output DVD-VR format files.
High Definition Video
Can accept, handle, edit, and output high definition video files.

*1 MPEG-1 VBR (Variable Bit Rate) is not supported as input format.

*2 Verified using Transport Stream generated by Victor GR-HD1 video camcorder.

*3 Profile & Level according to MPEG-2 input file.

*4 Transport Stream output is not supported.

*5 Supports 1 ch or 2 ch only. Audio with 3 channels or more is downscaled to 2 channels.

*6 MPEG files having different specifications cannot be joined.

*Please note that these are the maximum possible resolutions - it is possible to import/use and output to lower resolutions. Also, you cannot change the framerate of a clip within MPEG Editor 2.0.

*Non-standard resolutions accepted - MPEG-1: 16×16 to 4088×4088; MPEG-2: 16×16 to 1920×1152

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TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 Version - June 17, 2008
Improved Validation system updated to support content-regulated network environment.
TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 Version - March 1, 2007
Added Windows Vista Compatibility.
Fixed Various bug fixes.

06.5.11 / Ver.
First Released Version.

Optimized for Intel Core 2 Duo processors Created with CRIWARE Certified Dolby Digital Stereo Creator