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TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0
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TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0

Product Information


This product has been discontinued. Please see TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5 for the latest version of this product.

TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 brings advanced features and flexibility to DVD creation. Emphasizing ease-of-use that makes it work for casual and professional users alike. It is the first DVD creation program in its class to offer Fit-to-Disc Transcoding and DVD±R Dual Layer support, DVD Author 2.0 makes it easy to fit content on one disc while maintaining video quality. DVD Author 2.0 is also the first to offer multichannel audio for multi-lingual DVDs, and audio filters so that users can ensure optimal audio quality before burning to DVD.


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System Requirements
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Product Overview

With TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 you can change (author) your MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 files to DVD-Video structured files. Using high quality MPEG files made with TMPGEnc products, or with your MPEG capture device, it is possible to perform your own DVD authoring quick and easy.

TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 is an enhanced, yet still easy-to-use, software package for the creation of DVD-video discs on personal computers. It enables you to do everything from editing of video files (MPEG files), creating slideshows from still images, designing professional-looking DVD menus, to storing the final results on writable DVD discs.
In terms of reliability and quality, TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 provides uncompromised high performance DVD authoring features. Its intuitive interface and video editing engine is a result of our extensive experience in the research and development of MPEG encoders and DVD authoring software.
The product is suitable for beginners and advanced users who are looking for more enhanced product features, as well as anyone in between who are interested in creating their own DVD-Videos.

Main features

1. Improved DVD Menu Building Wizard

DVD Author 2.0 features a completely redesigned DVD menu wizard which takes DVD menu creation to a completely new level. Even though a wide range of new customizable features have been added, the DVD menu creation process has become more dynamic and simpler than before. DVD Author 2.0 also features a large number of brand new pre-designed templates, and in the near future we will provide a download service at our website which allows you to download new template designs.

2. Smart Rendering

DVD Author 2.0 supports frame level MPEG editing features. Frame level editing is the most precise method for MPEG editing because it operates with frame level precision. Until now, frame level editing has required complete re-encoding of output video which has resulted in degradation of output video quality as well as a slow DVD building process. DVD Author 2.0 provides a smart rendering feature that eliminates this problem. It automatically analyzes video clips and makes sure that only the smallest possible number of frames is re-encoded. In other words, the smart rendering feature dramatically improves the DVD building process in terms of speed while preserving the highest possible video output quality.

3. Transcoding capabilities with Intercom® Transcoding Engine

You may often experience that DVD-Video projects become too large to fit onto writable DVD discs when you add more and more content to them. DVD Author 2.0 contains a transcoding engine from Intercom that helps you solve this problem. Rather than completely re-encoding video contents, the transcoding engine dynamically and rapidly recompresses video data streams with a minimal reduction in quality so that they will fit exactly to the size of the writable DVD media (4.5GB/8.5GB).

4. Improved Audio Capabilities

For consumer DVD authoring software within its price range, DVD Author 2.0 is the first software package that supports high quality 24bit/96KHz (2 ch)* linear PCM input and output, and it is now also possible to add two simultaneous audio streams per video track. DVD Author 2.0 also supports Input and output of Dolby Digital® audio streams. * The highest possible sound quality within the DVD-Video standard.

5. Creating slideshows

You can create custom slideshow DVDs with the new slideshow feature. Add pictures or even whole folders to create your slideshow, then customize it with transitions and duration times. When you're done, you can burn it to DVD-Video so you can play your slideshow on your DVD player! It's a great way to archive and share your memories!

6. Simulation

DVD Author 2.0 comes with an integrated simulator that allows you to preview and tweak a DVD-Video project before burning it to disc. With the simulator you can verify the DVD menu layout, navigation, chapter settings, and playback of tracks as well as slideshows.

7. Other features

  • Add a “first play” track, which automatically starts playback when the disc is inserted into the DVD player
  • Add background music to menus
  • Design your own DVD menus and save them as templates
  • Add audio configuration pages to your DVD menus
  • Customize layout of menu items such as background images, thumbnails, buttons and text by applying various special effects (color shading, shadows, transparency, lighting, etc.)
  • Apply audio correction filters (noise reduction, fade-in/fade-out, audio gap correction, etc.)
  • Supports timecode corrected MPEG files

System Requirements
PC IBM PC compatible
OS WindowsXP SP2(Home, Pro, Media Center) or Windows2000 (Recommending the use with administrator authority)
CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 2 GHz, AMD Athlon™ XP 2000 or higher*.
(SSE instructions compatible processor required)
RAM 512MB or more (1024MB recommended)
HDD space 80MB for the program
+ enough space for the input / output files
(5GB or more recommended)
Screen resolution 1024 × 768 or more
HDD format NTFS file system recommendation
Network Internet connection required for license verification system; see below for details
Supported input formats
Video formats
MPEG-1 System stream (.mpg) *1
MPEG-1 Elementary stream (.m1v) *1
MPEG-2 Program stream (.mpg,.m2p)*1
MPEG-2 Elementary stream (.m2v)*1
DVD-VR files (VRO)*2
DVD-Video files (VIDEO_TS.IFO)*3
TV recordings from Windows XP Media Center (*.dvr-ms)
Audio formats
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2 (*.mp2)
Dolby Digital (*.ac3)
Linear PCM (*.wav) supports 24bit 96kHz
Supported output formats
Output file formats
DVD-Video files (IFO, VOB)
Writing to recordable DVD media (DVD±R / DVD±RW / DVD±R DL)
Audio formats
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2 (*.mp2)
Dolby Digital (*.ac3)  *4
Linear PCM (*.wav) supports 24bit 96kHz
Description of supported MPEG files
Video input file formats
MPEG-1 system stream (.mpg)
MPEG-1 elementary stream (.m1v)
MPEG-2 program stream (.mpg,.m2p)
MPEG-2 elementary stream (.m2v)
Audio input file formats
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2(.mp2)
Dolby Digital Audio AC-3(.ac3)
Linear PCM (.wav)
*Input of 2 streams is possible.
Input video resolution
352x288 / 352x576 (PAL)
704x576 / 720x576 (PAL)
352x240 / 352x480 (NTSC)
704x240 / 720x480 (NTSC)
Aspect ratio
4:3 / 16:9
Video bitrate
Max 1.8Mbps
Max 9.8Mbps
Encode Mode


3:2 pulldown

Reverse 3:2 pulldown


MP@ML (Main Profile @ Main Level)
GOP structure
Max 18 frames (NTSC) /
15 frames (PAL)
Max 18 frames (NTSC) /
15 frames (PAL)
Sequence header interval
One header per GOP (one sequence header in front of all GOPs)
One header per GOP (one sequence header in front of all GOPs)
VBV buffer size
40 KB
224 KB
Audio format
MP2: 128kbps to 384kbps
DolbyDigital: 128kbps to 448kbps
Linear PCM: 1536kbps
MP2 128kbps to 384kbps
DolbyDigital 128kbps to 448kbps
Linear PCM 1536kbps (supports 24bit 96kHz max. 4608kbps)
Edit functions -for Video and Audio-
Source range settings
Set the start frame and the end frame of the clip.
Remove unneeded parts of the clip when authoring the DVD-Video.
Smart Rendering
Only the minimum number of frames are re-encoded. Frame level editing supported.
Insert chapters
Add chapters to the DVD-Video
High-speed seek The cut-edit window provides a convenient high-speed search function which makes cut-edit faster and easier.
Audio Filters settings Correct, improve or process the audio streams. (When applied, the whole audio will be re-encoded)
Audio Gap Correction Shifts the audio track (milliseconds unit) to correct gaps between the audio and the video streams.
Audio Noise Reduction Reduces noise from the audio streams
Time signal reduction Reduces the audio top signal often inserted by TV broadcasters
Audio volume change The volume can be set between 0 to 500%.
Audio Normalization Changes the audio output volume proportionally to the maximum level specified.
Volume Equalization Changes the audio output volume proportionally to the chosen maximum/average level, so that the volume is uniform within the DVD-video project .
Audio fade-in / fade-out Fades the begining or ending of the audio in a clip
Editing functions -for DVD MENU-
Menu Templates
Standard menu layouts can be set quickly and easily, to DVD projects.
Custom DVD menu creation
Customize setting and positions for menu items (background image, buttons, frames, text...). It's also possible to apply effects, or adjust colors, transparency, contrast...
Creation of 16:9 menus
For menus with 16:9 aspect ratio. The standard templates have been made to support both 4:3 and 16:9 menu resolutions.
Background audio
Add audio and hear background music during the display of your DVD menu
Motion menus Create animated menus by adding video clips to the background settings and chapter thunbnails.
Menu video bitrate
Change the video bitrate used for the menu
Add text and thumbnails
Additional text and thumbnail items can be added to the menu
Slideshow Features
Input formats
Image quantity Add up to 200 images per slideshow (track). Multiple slideshows can be created if you have more than 200 images.
Transitions Ability to change transition effects between images.
Chapters Create chapter marks for large slideshows to easily jump to a specific section.
BGM Add up to 2 audio streams per slideshow.
Dolby Digital ® audio
Input and output of Dolby Digital ® (AC-3) audio is supported*4
Supports Time code corrected MPEG data
Thanks to this, the audio-sync problem has considerably decreased
Audio format conversion
If there are different audio formats in the same track, they will automatically be converted to the format you choose.
Audio sampling rate conversion
Non-standard 32kHz and 44.1kHz audio files will automatically be converted to high quality 48 Khz.
Supports TV recordings with dual audio (separate languages for the Left and Right channel, system often used in some Asian countries). *5
Creates DVD-videos with multi-audio tracks
Create DVDs using the XDVD forma (based on Long GOP MPEGs), allows long hours of video
Re-compress quickly and efficiently DVD-Video projects that are too large, so they can fit on the target media.
First play
Add a "first play" that will play automatically when the DVD is inserted to the DVD player.
Global DVD menu settings
Configure advanced settings for the DVD menu navigation and the menu display

*1 AVI file support depends on the installed codecs.


*2 Requires QuickTime 7 or higher.


*3 Media Center DVR-MS file import requires at least Windows XP SP2.


*4 Left channel is main audio, right channel is secondary audio.


*5 Final task settings depend on the hardware and operating system configuration of your computer.

"TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 has many professional features and is simple to use it will suit the Professional as well as the amateur alike for creating DVD Video productions. It is definitely my favourite DVD Authoring program."


Consumer Electronics Net
"DVD Author 2.0 is a curious mixture of powerful features mixed with a sometimes deceptively simple interface. It can be used to create some impressive DVD titles with video or pictures and the 'fit-to-disc' feature is very nice."

--Guy Wright