LICENSE VALIDATION is currently required for:
  • TMPGEnc Plug-in AC-3
  • TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress / TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress
  • TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator 4
  • TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0 / 3 with DivX Authoring
  • TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 1.0 / 2.0 / PREMIUM
  • VideoSync

The License Validation system is based on the periodical exchange of encrypted keys between the computer hosting the TMPGEnc software above and our server through the Internet. Consequently, the use of the software requires your computer to have access, at least temporarily, to the Internet.
The validation process only lasts a few seconds and does not occur often, so your computer does not need to be constantly connected and leaves you with enough time to prepare the connection when required.

Network and computer environment compliancy with the License Validation system can be tested by using the trial version of one of the software above.

License Validation system F.A.Q

-What is the License Validation system?

 The License Validation system is based on the periodical exchange of encrypted keys between the computer hosting the TMPGEnc software above and our server through the Internet. Therefore, Internet access is required to allow the system to function correctly.

-How does it work?

 At the initial start of the program, or after a complete re-installation, and periodically thereafter, the software sends a identifier key to our server and retrieves a temporary validation key. The identifier key is unique for each computer and functions only with the returned validation key. It is therefore not possible to validate the software on a computer and use it on another computer. The validation key is verified locally in your computer at each software start.

-Is my privacy protected?

 The only private information transmitted is your e-mail address in heavily encrypted form to avoid data interception. Furthermore, the identifier key transmitted from your computer to our server cannot be used to retrieve any software or hardware information, even by knowing the key building method. We have also taken all the necessary safety precautions to avoid information leaks or server intrusion.

-What information do I have to provide?

 A valid License Serial Number, a name and an e-mail address. Except for the License Serial Number, you are free to provide any kind of name or e-mail address.

-Do I need to pay for a new license every time the validation ends?

 No, the purchased license is an unlimited right to access the License Validation system for the licensed software version you own. The validation process is free and does not require any additional payment.

-How long does the validation last?

 Depending of the software and our appreciation, the validation period may change therefore we cannot tell you how long is it. After the validation you enter the free period where you are not required to renew your license validation. Once the free period ends, you enter the soft limit period where you are required to renew the validation but can still use the software without renewal. At the end of the soft limit period the validation renewal is mandatory to use the software.

-When should I renew the validation?

 You can renew the license validation at any time during the soft period. In case you enable the automatic renewal the license validation is renewed when reaching the soft limit.

-Why use such a system?

 Any programmer can develop software, good or excellent software requires time, knowledge, experience and huge efforts which means a lot of investments. A software is the sum of the developers competences provided to the user and therefore can be considered a service with the peculiar characteristic of being easy to copy. Consequently, this software service can be used even by those who never pay for it, considerably reducing the return on the initial investment and therefore the possibility to maintain, improve or create new software services. By including the Validation System we offer the guarantee to the user that the purchased software service will be maintained at the expected level in the future.

-My computer is not connected to the Internet, is there a solution to use your software anyway?


-Do you or will you provide a version of your software without License Validation?


-There are cracks for your software, your Validation System is useless!

 Pegasys, Inc. is not liable for any kind of damage subsequent to the modification of the software service and reserves the right to engage any legal action against the author, distributor or user of such modified software or modification method.


- An Internet access point.
- Refer to the software page for other requirements.

Known problems

 In case you are using security hardware or software such as a firewall, the validation process may not be completed. Verify your security settings and change them if necessary.

 Internet access through a proxy server such as those found in corporate LAN may require additional settings. Refer to the software help file for more information.

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