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  • This product has been discontinued.
  • The last update for this product (version has been released on May 28th, 2008. Registered users may login to their User Account to download the latest version.
  • This product is no longer available for purchase. Please see TMPGEnc MovieStyle for a similar product.
  • Converts your videos for use on your iPod, PSP, or PDA!
  • Drag 'n Drop function makes encoding your favorite videos easy!
  • Syncs with your iTunes video playlist and PSP memory card!

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VideoSync Version - May 28, 2008
Fixed In Standard Quality and Long Play templates, the ISO MPEG-4 profile is now ASP (Advanced Simple Profile) instead of SP (Simple Profile).
Fixed When outputting in H.264/AVC format, supports the possibility to output a file header with picture resolution values different from the real picture resolution.
Updated MPEG-4 encoder engine updated.
Improved LEAPS client improved to function in some regions where Internet traffic is filtered.
Improved The PSP Transmanager now recognizes the new firmware PSP identifier (SONY "PSP" MS USB Device).
Improved The PSP Transmanager now does not overwrite the thumbnail (THM) file if it is still present in the PSP.
VideoSync Version - August 6, 2007
Fixed Drop folder Wizard settings: Folder selection would sometimes become unusable if a new folder could not be created.
Fixed PSP Transmanager: Could stop functionning in some specific environmental condition.
VideoSync Version - February 22, 2007
Added Windows Vista Compatibility.
VideoSync Version - May 17, 2006
New First Released Version.