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Your movies. Your digital lifestyle.

MovieStyle gives you the freedom to convert your video clips for your portable and HD digital devices without the hassle of complex video tools or multiple applications.

Simply drag and drop your video files to easily convert them for 11 popular digital devices. Included tools and features help you organize, enhance, and transfer your video with just a few clicks!

MovieStyle can convert your video for use on these portable and HD devices. Whether you want to take your videos on the go with your iPhone, or watch them in your home theater on your PlayStation 3 at 1080p, we've got you covered.

MovieStyle's sleek and intuitive interface makes it easy to start converting your video clips for your favorite device! To convert your video, simply select your device, then drag and drop your video file into the drop area. That's it! MovieStyle will automatically start converting your video.

Quick Encode
Simply right-click on a video file, select a device, and MovieStyle will automatically convert your video!

Drop Folder
Specify a folder for MovieStyle to monitor; when you save a video to that folder, it will automatically be converted for your device!

Once you've converted your video, use the TMPGEnc TransManager™ to help manage your video library and transfer them to connected devices. Link it with your iTunes library folder or to a connected device such as a PSP or Sony mylo COM-2 for easy syncing!

Time Stretch
Convert your video to play up to 1.5 times faster or up 0.5 times slower with completely understandable audio. Watch a 1 hour video in about 40 minutes! Great for those on the go or studying language!

Karaoke Mode
Like Karaoke? Or maybe you want to redub a video? With Karaoke Mode enabled, the vocals from your video are cancelled out, leaving you a clean slate to provide your own vocals.

Pitch Changer
The Pitch Changer settings allow you to change the audio pitch of your video. Great when used in conjunction with Time Stretch to correct high or low-pitched voices.