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Download TMPGEnc KARMA.. Now!

For Windows XP SP2 or Vista SP1
(.NET Framework 3.0 SP1 required for XP users.)

Download TMPGEnc KARMA..!

Bring order to your expanding digital video collection with TMPGEnc KARMA..

Organize, rate and watch your videos with easy to use tools and an interface that you can customize to fit your needs.

Sort It.

Scan a specified video folder and add any supported video clips to the video library list. Videos can be sorted by name, creation date, number of times played, and more!

Rate It.

Rate your videos by creating custom keyword descriptions or by color-coding them for even more sorting options and better organization!

Watch It.

View your videos directly in the software and watch it in full screen mode or in the background while organizing your collection. You can even watch multiple videos at the same time!

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